Future labour, governments and preparation.

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I don't know where we're heading but I'd dare to say that I don't like the direction, although we are better than ever seems difficult to step out as the velocity increases, don't worry too much either, you can take the steering wheel, we better start learning how to drive before.

From faith commercialization to school indoctrination, there's a lot to talk about, I've seen misery, cruelty and I've meet the surrounding of madness; foolishness and deception seems to be the goal of most. the crisis is not only monetary but ethical and moral, don't get me wrong, as I've said this are amazing times but the connotations of the phrase everything is possible seems pretty disturbing.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are here to stay.

Security, immediacy, liquidity, anonymity and independence are many of the keys, althoug capitalist socialism has learned to assimilate the blows quite fast, I dare to say that the popularity of these concepts will re-emerge, there are still many who expect the states to take their part and support it, but let me tell you that no government is based on those attributes mentioned above, but that its niche is to control and regulate them and central banks support wasteful systems in exchange for inflation and devaluation, the huge book of accounts that is the blockchain gives us an idea of the possible applications of this technology, in the same way that steemit has taught us a new way of relating, guarantee of the payments veracity and the unalterable public record can have many uses and they could mean the end of order based on hierarchy, no more third-party authority.
It's still a long way before we can taste or even imagine all its applications but its emergence and what has been created around was unimaginable just a decade ago, productivity and efficiency are terms of which we'll listen a lot in these times, companies and societies controlled by artificial intelligences or lines of code gives the possibility to town halls without politicians or impartial news channels and distributed and autonomous governance. Just as the tribe model couldn't control the specialization, the political and officer elitization model cannot control the current system, and although we like it or not, it will end up falling, globalization is a fact but we can end the tedious bureaucracy, decentralization will have to play a significant role.

Representative democracy and its professional politicians have their days numbered if things are done well, transparency is their biggest nightmare.

Randomness has no memory. Our duty is to prepare and inform as much as we can because life will go on with or without us, as the certainty of being, chaos arises from order and vice versa, susceptible dependence to initial conditions.

Don't you feel it?

To be continued...


Whish you a pleasant existence.

Thanks, Спасибо, ευχαριστίες, תודה , شكر , 谢谢, ਧੰਨਵਾਦ, ありがと, धन्यवाद, ขอขอบคุณ, Gracias.


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