The appetite for unreality, when authority and law are no longer distinguishable.

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Fear wouldn't exist without pain and there is nothing more serious, respectable and horrible than pain, Epicurus, Aristotelian disciple, said that we only realize something when it starts to hurt, we are afraid of pain and it is justifiable but we have to know that there are certain ways to avoid pain that cause more pain, as we could see in the crusade against drugs, which history is based on fear of ourselves and the crusade against property or commerce, the fear of the different, rooted in communism and in certain ways of religion, if we think about it well, we will see signs of this adversion from the middle ages, with each one of them we have met with ideals and the best wills, then with the great setbacks of realizing that those ideals were bothering us.
the ancient Greco-Roman civilizations were as afraid of alcohol as our civilization is of cocaine or heroin, in Rome it was punished with death penalty while in the same city opium was traded, there are records in cuneiform tablets talking about this substance, which could indicate that the human has always lived with the chemical orgasm. Opium began to have a strange mythology in the West as a result of the massive immigration of Chinese people to build railroads throughout the American continent that generated xenophobia and racialities, while the Queen Victoria court looked like a den, ever heard about the opium wars? It was more about silver.

The acclimatization of Greco-Roman culture to wine, took a couple of centuries until the idea of Bacchus and Eros ceased to frighten them, the next great crusade would be against witches, the problem of magic, which lasted approximately from the 14th to the 17th century, it is curious that now this crusade seems almost a civil right, in times of plagues and banes attributed to superhuman powers, the war begins with the destruction and burning of libraries since the old way of communion was about a psychoactive wafer, products such as mandrake, hemp, datura or belladonna were requisitioned by the old clerico-military class and curiously there was a resale market for these witchcraft goods, potions and ointments, sold even to the aristocracy; the myth of the flying broom was about another kind of trip, since it has been discovered that many of these products were used intravaginally due to its unpleasant digestive effects.

In the Renaissance the church stopped paying attention to the ideas of St.Augustine and started to lean on St.Thomas that having studied thinkers like Aristotle believed that it was not impossible to reconcile reason and faith but there was never any decree recognizing their mistakes, those crusades just ended with whispers.

I believe the faith is something inherent to the human being, if not, refuted models and ideas wouldn't be supported any more, the example of central planning is insane, linguistic totalitarianism.

The step to end the hypocrisy of allowing consumption without production and distribution will have to be taken but hypocrisy is one of the oils that has allowed universal history to reach where we are and will continue to affect the public machinery.

We are in a collective delirium, where the relationship between the universal, particular and singular has disappeared, from chemistry to biology or politics; there is nothing more helpful to go through the present than researching the available past, reality is more extensive and imaginative than the most frenzied fantasies, after prejudice comes the trial through the facts.
We've always wanted more than the hard coherence of things.

Freedom is to do what we should.


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One extreme cannot exist without the other. The Law of Polarity.

I'll need a further research on that, thanks.

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