Faced with problems, smile

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Hello friends of Steemit I hope you are well, every day I hear so many people complain about their problems and of course it is normal but I think everyone in the world has problems, some more than others but nobody escapes having a worry, anguish , some lack, many people are overwhelmed so much that they think their problems are the worst, despite being a young man I am not exempt from having problems but I always think that if I take negative things in a good way my burden will be more bearable.

Every day I give thanks to God for life, with only air in my lungs and a positive attitude I face what comes, if I am overwhelmed and have negative thoughts, my problems every time I will see them worse, there is a popular saying in Venezuela "to bad weather, good face", friends face life always with positivism so your day there was the worst, look at it as a passenger that will soon pass.



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