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Hello friends of Steemit I hope you are well, it was a busy week with many worries, but as I always say, if there are a thousand adversities we must continue fighting, something that helps me a lot and keeps me positive is to read phrases or poems, they They make me reflect, others leave me a beautiful message and a huge desire to keep fighting.

This week of so much chaos I spent some time reading, so I will share with you some phrases to encourage, encourage, motivate, improve and raise our emotional situation, pride and self-esteem, and help them a lot to combat sadness, depression, failures, sentimental disappointments, disappointments, sorrows and blows of life, we must not let us win, we are strong, we are warriors of life.

I clarify that the sentences are not my responsibility

  • What today seems like a hurricane in your life, tomorrow you will understand that it was only the wind, opening a new path for you.

  • Do not worry, only fall who is standing. Those who have never fallen, it is because they have probably dragged their whole lives.

  • If you think you are poor ... put a price on your hands. You will understand how lucky you are.

  • Failing is not falling, failure is refusing to get up.

  • SMILE is the only virus that does not harm the soul. Always smiles

  • If you can not stop thinking about something, DO NOT STOP working to get it

  • If you have to cry today, cry, because someday you will laugh at the problems you have now

  • Life every day offers you a new opportunity to be happy, it's called: "TODAY


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