Learn From The Destruction of The Nokia Kingdom

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In this life we should all strive to achieve something bigger, we should all be striving for success. Don't just be quiet and relax in one of the ideas that's it, you will surely regret in the future, because the idea that you run right now it would be defeated by someone later.


Learn from history...


Nokia is a largest ever succeeded with its production, but eventually sank with competitors terberatnya.

The fact that makes the company Nokia fell is they never rise again with a new style, they still maintain that that alone with not innovating and they never got up.

From the above case we can take lessons.

That in life needs to change. We must rise with the new ideas that are more efficient and more advanced.

If we maintain with existing today, then there is not much what we're currently working on will be destroyed.

We should be aware of, if it is not able to make changes yourself, then look for colleagues to collaborate. Do not be arrogant to cooperate. I am currently seeing a lot of entrepreneurs who fail due to arrogant to cooperate with others.


Make the change before you fell. Get up for a big change. If you don't do that then one day will be destroyed by the large number of new competitors with extraordinary ideas.

So is the life we are living today, we must do a great change which could lead us to become successful people.


In life it's very many hurdles we need to face. Then a change to deal with it, we need to do in order not to lose the new entrants who were present with their ideas.

We must learn from the many people who are successful in their life in the struggle of maintaining their company so successful and great.

Hopefully this is helpful to all of you and I hope you guys like it.




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