Let's Use The Internet As A Money Machine ( in English)

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The Internet is a great tool that is thriving and growing. As media continues to grow we must take part in it.


My experience getting to know the internet, I use it for things that are not positive, but it was not long, then I switched to positive things and think can making of money with the internet. After I know is blogger, I also take the initiative to use the blog and use it for two years, I think it would work, but the blog an I manage it in rejected by adsense. Because of this rejection I left it, and are no longer active as a blogger.

Different ways I try to make money with the internet, another example that I did try to be a youtuber, but this also does not work, because of the lack of knowledge and media in processing the video content, then I failed here.

All the success from failure. That is the principle of life that apply in my own life. Of all the failures that I try to be a blogger on steemit, and this is the beginning of the journey to the top, it's not just how, but I am sure it will be a success.


Steemit is my hope from of a first failure, I hope can achieve something extraordinary here.

From my experience, you can become a successful person who could print the money with the internet. Not only just by being a blogger, youtuber, but there are still many other ways we could achieve, failed at one of the other flatform still exist, all just lived to ourselves and our own style.

You guys could be someone moneymaking with internet, because many ways and many roads to success with the internet.

Use the internet as a money machine, do not just you guys use to spend dollars in a bag only. Don't you guys just use the internet as a place to play and spend spare time y'all.


Did we think when we play games for example, how much money that goes to the author of the game. How much cost we spend for playing games. This only as an example only.

So ...

We should use the internet to make money and of course with the positive. Best use of the internet as a moneymaker.

Because of the many ways that we can do with the internet as a money machine. We should pick one style and expertise and of course we must focus.




Lots of opportunities are bound on the internet we just need to start exploring them.

Agood post about Online plateform

Yeah right. Thank men.

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