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RE: Succes in life is easy and free, only if you'd know!

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Excellent article. I've been thinking about how to help my daughter who struggles with aspergers, not connecting with others, not feeling valued. I want to help, but at times I feel myself being brought into a state of depression almost as it seems nothing helps. And on top of it, we still have to get through difficult parts of the day, chores, math, etc. Ican't reason through it with her, but likely because she's in another brain state. Any extra thoughts you have on this are appreciated.


Thats a very difficult task as a mother. I wouldn,t know what to do. But evaluating what makes her happy on a day to day basis and cherish and support that might be a start. Im not an expert on it but just showing love and affecting and treating her like anyone else wont alienate her I think. I wish the best and luck.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts about it.

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