Buying and Reselling Littlest Pet Shops!

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While we were at this one yard sale, I saw this box that had over 50 pet shops. I knew that they sell good online, so I bought them for $5!! I didn't feel like looking each one up and seeing if theres one that is worth more than the other. Well, I listed them for $50 and I got so many messages about this one pet shop. A certain women messaged me asking a certain one for $30, well I looked it up and it was worth about that much and more! I was actually surprised. This woman actually kept bugging me about it, because she wanted that one, but she didn't want the others, then she said that she wanted all of them but for way less. WhatsApp Image 2018-05-24 at 9.05.27 PM.jpeg

She kept changing her mind about it. At first she said that she would give me $33 for one, but then not even a minute later she said $13 for it, she was very confusing haha. Then I told her the final price that I wanted at and she finally agreed. Some of my family members told me that they would have blocked her because how annoying she was LOL! But I am nicer than they are...JK!


That's hilarious!! You are making some fun purchases to resell. I know a number of people who do this.

Are these the little toys that used to be in Happy Meals? They look so familiar. I probably have a few around here from my Grandkids.

I don't think they've been in Happy Meals. But they were very popular when I was younger. My sister @gringalicious collected them when she was little.

I don't remember my sisters collecting these. I think they each may have had a couple Polly Pocket toys, and they had a lot of Barbie dolls, but I don't remember a lot of plastic animals invading my space.