Piano In The Park!

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My husband @drobinson and sister @fullofhope went to Spokane Washington for the day to explore. They have a few pretty things, but I would never live there, I don't like it at all lol.

We were walking around a park and my sister saw this pretty public piano, and of course she had to play. She can play any instrument and pick up any song and play. She is very very good at it!

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A public piano is a great idea as long as a community looks after it.
Would be great to sit around and listen to someone that can play it properly, just playing it in the sunlight.

Try putting one in the streets of Budapest or Szolnok.
The gypsies will definitely look after it, but not in the way you think of.
They will probably steal the piano piece by piece.
Especially, if the piano contains metal.

Love this idea but I'd dread to think of the noise when a bunch of kid find it! :P

LOL, yeeeah, that would be a tad annoying!