Trying Out Freezia! (Rolled Ice Cream)

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So my husband and I are on this group on Facebook for Idaho people. We've been on since we have been living here (September of last year). We have been seeing alot of people raving about this Ice Cream place that is called Freezia. So we finally decided to go to it last week, and it was SO good! Its a quaint little place lol. You go in, order what you want (base, flavors, and toppings.) I had "Cheesecake Galore" and it was very good, but very rich! My husband had to help me finish it haha, and I don't think he had a problem with that lol!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-24 at 9.23.25 PM.jpeg

Anyways, you tell them what you want, and they make the ice cream in front of you with all of my choices. It was pretty cool to watch them make it. Its called rolled ice cream, they literally roll it. It was a fun little experience. I would definitely recommend going there!


Keep an eye on your mailbox! No fighting!

Really? Oh my goodness! You really didn't have to do that! I didn't even ask for it haha.

Enjoy!!! I know you will create something awesome :)

Aww! You're SO nice! I can't wait to see what it is! Thank you!! :)

Dont let any other sisters steal it from you ! :)

Hi! I have received your package, I just haven't opened it yet. I will soon.

Awesome! I look forward to it :)

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten! Sorry it's taking a little while.

They had rolled in a city near us two summers ago and I wanted to try it but never made the time to. I'm still hopeful it will come back.

You should try it!

I definitely need to find this place!!!

I heard they have a couple dairy free options. I might have to try that! Yours looks yummy!

I'm sure they do!

Oh this is so cool! I thought maybe you were overseas, because I just tried this for the first time on the street in Vietnam! They have it all over the country here! I wonder if that's where it came from.

I would've ordered the same flavor as you!

I LOVE your sign off pic. So cute!