Never A Dull Moment Living In The Country! Always Something To Do!

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We had lots of rain in the past few days. Every time it rains we get places in our driveway that washout. This is the not so fun part of living in the country. It does not help either that we have nothing really but sand in the area we live in.

This is the part of the driveway where it starts to really go downhill.


This happens every time it rains. It washes out to the bottom of the driveway and out into the dirt road we live on.


We have brought a tractor but like most things, we can afford, it needs some work. It does run, we need to fix the lift (three-point hitch) and get the dash controls replaced, it is a project we need to get to and we will soon I hope. We use a different way to get out of the property as I do believe this would be hard on the minivan we drive. We do have someone that can come and fix the driveway but with all the rain it will just have to be done again the next time, which will be in a few days. Living in the middle of nowhere is great but there are some things that are not so great about it at all. Love the country life as it is never dull! I hope everyone has a great night/day, whatever it is in your neck of the woods!

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I sure hope we get some rain here soon. Thanks for using the canna-curate tag, it means a lot to me, it also shows the canna- is more then just cannabis.

Yes, it is! To me, it is about friendships and making connections throughout the Steem community and showing support to the communities I like. I cannot do cannabis as it is not legal here yet. I do use CBD but I have given my thoughts on posts about that if something new develops I will update about it.

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I lived part of my life in that sandy soil, too... MUCH finer than beach sand, gets everywhere... Hope you get your tractor fixed soon, maybe by the next PYPT show!

The sand is always fun. It is just a part of my life.
I really doubt the tractor will be done before the next PYPT show.
Lots going on and this rain never ends!

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