My Gratitude Journal - Thank You.

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I complain a lot. I have a lot to complain about, who doesn't? It's true, I've had far more to complain of than most people, but I also have far more to be grateful for than many people.

I need to remember this more. I NEED to appreciate the amazing. I don't deserve it without appreciation.

In these past few months I've been warmed with good hearts and helping hands. Time to acknowledge this.


I'm Grateful For

  • The amazing people on Steem that have been nurturing me and my account here to grow. U couldn't list you all (mostly at risk of forgetting one of you and feeling awful), you know exactly who you are.
  • Someone here who helped out with one of my monthly bills ❤
  • The social worker/organization who paid 50% off my Daughter's very expensive summer camps
  • Summer camp Director who drove my Daughter home when the ride fell through
  • My bf who bought and arranged our trip to Ottawa to a concert
  • Other bf who has taken care of my Daughter a few times when things got crazy
  • Mother driving child to camp
  • Father and his lady driving kiddo to camp
  • The young adult who called CAS because I was upset that they were trying to charge me for a week that we didn't engage in their services- that resulted in 50% of the other camps being paid for 😏
  • Having Steem to poor my writing into
  • My friend who bought me a few gifts last week and lent me some money unexpectedly (it just showed up in my bank account)
  • My sister winning some money and hopefully she'll use it to go to rehab- hopefully
  • My Brother having a stable job and being happy and sober
  • My cat is fluffy
  • Dog being cuddly
  • Being so closely involved with kids school staff
  • Helping my abusive exes newest ex cope with her reality. Hoping she stays away.
  • Warm weather... even if I am sweating my butt off with no ac. That's ok.
  • Warm summer rains to dance and skip in
  • The tomato plant that I hope I'm not killing
  • Help from a friend whogifted the kid with some things for her camp life- she went out of her way during her vacation time to unexpectedly help us out.

It's true, my life and environment could use a LOT of improvement, that doesn't mean that things are always horrible. We have amazing people around us and for that I'm forever touched.

Life is good. People are good.

Thank you. ❤

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May I just say that puppers is adorable... now to go read your post.... sorry, it just had to be said!!!!!!!

Thank you. She's a handful but I wouldn't have life any other way.

Her name is Poppy; short for Popcorn. < might be a hint at her personality.

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Awesome post @anaclark, and also extremely true in almost every single life on this rock we call home. People tend to look at things in a negative light as a general rule.
But the gift of being able to see the good in one's life is exactly that - an uplifting gift.

Thank you James.

It's important to see things from the dark, light and all tones in between. There's just something about cynical thought that tends to starvingly devour.

We cannot forget that within the the dark sandstorm there is a flower growing.

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I'm not sure if you know that your working the law of attraction into your favour by righting down a graditute list 😁 it was cool to stumble across this post of yours!

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Have I moved the movingman? Lol.

Thank you.
I do know that positive vibrations attract the positive.

Maybe my next post will simply be one hundred smiles. 😁

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I used to work at camps. So, you find great people there. Glad that they helped. Oh, cute dog.