I will watch ”Dirty Dancing” 70 times a day about can pop culture help a broken heart?

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Personally, I have never seriously broke my heart. It is an advantage of leaving as a single for a long time after unsuccessful relationships, when, as in romantic comedies, finally encounters the one ....
On the other hand, this is a disadvantage because I have never felt that all love songs are about me (maybe a few of them). Anyway, to enrich my feelings a bit, I also asked my friends what they thought - it turned out that a broken heart was not needed to find the answer. And I think that this answer can easily be extended to many other life experiences.


First of all, as we all know, time heals wounds. But time needs to be filled with something. Filling it with long, full of drama and twists and turns series, however, helps a bit to fill the long days and hours during which you have to wait for us to pass. The plus is that watched TV series, especially when we watch all their seasons at once, create a specific impression, faster passage of time. If you sit down today and watch all the seasons of Friends in two weeks, paradoxically you will have the impression that much more time has passed. Because although not much has happened in your life, the world of the series' heroes has stood up several times. This specific game with a sense of the passage of time, which we serve us watched in bulk TV series can effectively convince us that more time has passed than we think, and because the characters have changed so much, we probably have change. It won't work at all, but at some. In addition, TV series full of drama - like Gossip Girl or Dynasty make us want to, without wanting, get involved in productions, wondering what will happen next. Even if we watch them a bit thoughtlessly. Another thing - I know people who are best off reading forty detective stories. When he kills his fiancé for the fifth time - you get the impression that you have won a lottery.

Secondly - we are often inclined to perceive the characters of film or series productions as evidence that all is not lost.
I remember that when Miranda appeared, I liked watching this series - not only for a sense of humor but also with the thought that since everything is going well in Miranda's life, there is a chance for me. I think that many people - even realizing that they are watching fiction, like to look for signs in the lives and vicissitudes of the characters that there is still hope. Since the heroines of Sex and the City could find and lose great love several times a season and realize that this is not their whole world, we can too. I do not know if it will be good for a broken heart, but on the other hand - we take a lot of our ideas about life and its breakthrough moments from pop culture. If you've ever had a box of ice cream after you left a guy or a girl, it's probably because almost all the heroines of Western pop culture do so. And there is nothing wrong with it, because eating a box of ice cream does not heal a broken heart, but at least we ate ice cream.


Thirdly, it seems to me that turning to pop culture has one more dimension. Culture is a bit so that we look for reflection of our own feelings, emotions and the feeling that we are not alone. That's why sitting and listening to songs about broken hearts over and over again is not so stupid. It's not about getting down, but also about finding out that somewhere there was a creator who thought exactly the same as we did and felt the same way. As soon as we realize that our feelings are not so special, that somewhere there is someone who felt the same and even wrote a song about it or made a film - we are not alone with our sadness. Rather, we contribute to a great collection of experiences that unites humanity and often drives it to write terribly tearful songs for a wheezing voice and guitar. It seems that it's quite healthy to leave the world where you are alone and look for confirmation that everything with our broken heart is all right.

Fourthly, it's a bit that our psyche sometimes works strangely. In the moment of deepest gloom, suddenly we are saved by not Dirty Dancing over and over again (you remember how the heroine from New Girl did) or Breakfast at Tiffany's (which comforted Blair Waldorf) but a dystopian Equilibrium. Why? Because we are all different, some from the depths of their sadness and despair burst horror movies, other youth films about love and still others 40th session of Saving Private Ryan. Culture has this amazing power that sometimes - contrary to common sense, it can awaken in us feelings about which we were sure that we buried them, and our heart fell and will not rise again. Fortunately. Otherwise, think of all those poor people who broke their hearts in their youth. If we all believed that we would never be happy again, it would be a really sad world.


Fifthly - culture is good to simply divert our attention. Sitting and staring at a movie or TV show may be a better option than sitting and staring at a wall. At the same time - it is an excellent measure of how much we do nothing. If one day we watch fourteen episodes of one series at a time and Netflix asks if we are still alive, it can be a pretty good signal that we are not as good as we thought. No less - the first day when instead of our broken heart we will begin to consider why Ted from How I Met Your Mother is such a annoying hero - is a day of little victory. Man is such a simple thing - if we throw something else to our brain to think - we will eventually start thinking about it. Which is better than remembering the last twenty conversations over and over again with our ex and wondering what exactly we said. Much more sense is getting mad at the logic gaps in the second season of Westworld.

Ultimately, whenever someone asks me what can be done about a broken heart, I would highly recommend reading own diary from youth. There is definitely a declaration that you will never fall in love again. It helps to gain perspective. As for popular culture, I must admit honestly - it is still uncertain whether there is a proper answer to this question. Because I believe that escaping into pop culture helps - it helps a lot in life's sorrows. I wouldn't sit so much watching the Dynasty if it didn't help. And at the same time - one day you have to turn off the series and face your problems. Which are usually not as confusing as the history of the Carrington family but will not necessarily go if we look in the other direction. I would like to say: don't break heart at all, but as I understand it is one of those tips that are difficult to stick to.


However, I know one thing - there is no one good method for a cultural fight with a broken heart or blues . Everyone is different. One's about world problems allow to forget the second reading of War and Peace because before you finish reading you will already forget what worried you. Others must watch forty romantic comedies to be convinced that romantic love does exist. There are those whose heart starts beating again when Freddie Kruger kills another victim. And there is nothing wrong with it - as I wrote - culture reaches us all differently, so do not let yourself be convinced that there are good and bad things for a broken heart. There are good and bad things for you. And if you have to listen to Justin Biber to get out of the depths of the darkness, even I will not judge you.

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