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Compassion is not a virtue that many possess.
Few people reach out in hard times.
On the other hand, to believe that our situation is difficult is not a reason not to help others.
It can be seen even in people who usually say I love you.

Curious, that not even those who carry your blood practice it.
God said and love your neighbor as yourself, arduous task.
We tend to apply more the philosophy "the strongest survive.
We are so full of selfishness that it prevents us from being benevolent.

Adopting such behavior for many can be unusual, in a world of strangers.
It is a challenge and a real test to give, even when what we give is not appreciated.
Putting others first goes against our human nature. . .
To be able to take the place of others is a battle between two opposite poles.

Internal struggles that can be won depending on who we give place to.
What is wrong with doing good, where evil has multiplied?
It is not about money, it is about seeing and filling those spaces that have been ignored.
Kindness, compassion, powers that make an impact on the lives of those who practice it.


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