My Internet Cables Was Stolen!!! Brazilian's Life #4

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Good Night dear Steemians. Yeah this is exactly what happen. I don't know how absurd this might look for you but for me it has become a comum happening. I've already lost the count of how many times I was without internet due to stolen cables but I'm sure it is way over 5 times.

​But when you live in a country where corruption is all over the government with a closed marked without competition services works poorly. I can give you a pretty fresh exemple of this.

​My internet stop working on Thursday, I call then and after 6 hours without internet it comes back. than Friday when I get home at 1 pm Internet was gone again, I call the internet again but they tell me they was without system and asked me to call latter... 3 hours latter I call then once more and they say that they will inform the situation to the technical support and that they will try to fix from inside the company, if they can't they would call me to set the visit of the technician.

Today at 3:40 I was still without internet and hadn't received any call to set the technician visit, so I call then for the 4th time, after wait more than 28 min (yes this was actually the waiting time listen those shitty and poorly record waiting music) they finally take the phone, then I said everything that was happening since Thursday, the guy asked me to way until he check what was happening , after abou 8 min he tell me that the technician will be visiting me today until 6:30 to solve the problem.

​about 4:20 the tech arrive and start doing technical procedures to identify the problem, after 5 min inside my home he go to the streets and desapear, (I believe he might be looking for the source of the problem) about 1 hour and half later he comes back saying that the problem was that someone has stolen my internet cables (AGAIN!) and he asked me to call the internet company to set a new tech visit on MONDAY .

I called then and they asked me why I rather to set the visit to Monday, if I didn't rather that the tech come to fix on Sunday. I said OBVIOUSLY I want this internet fixed as fast as possible, but the technician said it would only can be done on Monday. the company said that's wasn't true, and that they will send a tech (probably the same) tomorrow to try to fix the problem.

​Summarizing. Since I'm a jobless student currently my only income come from my steemit posts, my internet is not working properly since Thursday and due to stolen cable and looks like the tech that are suppose to fix was too lazy to do the service today, and don't want to work tomorrow... and what can I do? just wait wondering that they wake up tomorrow with good will to do his fucking service properly...

​Welcome come to another comum day in a Brazilian's Life.

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Thank you for reading my post!

I'm @andyluy a Brazilian jobless college student, freshman at cryptocurrencies who live in Rio de Janeiro, love to make new friends , travel around the world, having adventures and believe that steemit can help me to gather 20,000 $ to realize my life dream to study in Japan!

​I intend to post about amazing things I've experienced, and hope soon be able to bring you with me to my new adventures


No internet that is the worst thing i ever knew (((without internet i would go crazy.

yeah, me too!

without internet I feel like I have been left inside a whole with the hands and legs tied. internet is almost as important as air for me lol

Right. For everyone internet is entertainment, but for us it is life, all work brings in my income and you are from the internet .. So all brazil have lost the internet?

indeed dear @a-alice for us internet is life, and is where do we take our income from.

No, not all Brazil they have stolen the cables from some streets of my neighborhood.

what about you? how is being your weekend ? ♥ ^^

No, my country is poor and small but the statistics of the world show. Our internet is ranked 13th in the world. I lost the internet because of the weather. For example, I broke the cable hahaa

It really fascinates me, sitting here in Western Australia, where my only risk of losing Internet is because I forgot to pay a bill or because there's a scheduled outage, to read stories like this.

Thanks for sharing man, hope your power comes back on soon, and have an updoot

That's really sad state of affairs...who are these repeated offenders...why no police action !!!???

I have no Idea, I've heard that they stole the cabes to melt it down and sell the cooper.
The police here is way different from the police we see at the movies ...

I'm really feeling bad about what happened with you. Sounds good is that the issue was fixed. I´m agree with many parts about your post. But the Brazil is so big... that you should inform where this issue happened. That's my point of view... Brazil have many citys and big citys... São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte... and Bahia... so many!
Good luck and I may God bless you.

Yeah I think you're right, at the end of the post I always use to make a small introduction, and say that I live in Rio de Janeiro, but maybe for a matter of identification I should have say it in the text body doo.

looks like you know Brasil well, do you also live here ?

Pelo seu nick parece ser br tbm hahaha =D

yep! ;D
I´m waiting for SteemFest SP/Brazil as well. Let see if it will happen...

com certeza !
se não acontecer nós organizamos a galera e fazemos acontecer o primeiro SteemFest BR \o/

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Hi.. @andyluy nice you post.thanks for sharing...

that's nuts! i once had the brake pads stolen off my bike in NYC, which I thought was pretty bad....they have almost zero resale value, the only outcome is to harm me.... luckily I didn't crash but I easily could have!

What the feel

indeed =/

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