Would you believe that a disgruntled worker in Queensland Australia has put bits of needles into strawberries?

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Hard to believe that such a thing would happen, took me and my fellow Australians for a sixer!

Strawberry season is in full swing in Australia, they are quite cheap and are delicious. Who doesn't like strawberries? They are a big favourite generally. The market was humming with high productivity in all the supermarkets and green grocers that is until ground breaking news was aired several days ago. It was reported that a disgruntled worker had put bits of needles into some of the strawberries. A man has been hospitalised after ingesting strawberries full of bits of needles. Yikes and really? What a shocker!

The authorities were probably still figuring it out! What so only a little bit of info was coming to the people. Most of Australia is affected. Why would anyone contemplate hurting innocent people, women, men and children? Is this person so enraged and or mentally unwell that he/she cannot think straight? If the intent was to break the strawberry farms it seems to be working.

The police are on the case and now there is a concern that there are copy cats. Crazy?

This season is a loss for the poor old strawberry farmers. Strawberry punnets are either being returned to the farms or the strawberries are being sold for ridiculously low prices. Bad for the supermarkets but excellent for the consumers.

Will I keep buying strawberries? Of course, I am with everyone else. Cutting them up and checking is easy enough so yes I will. The best approach is to stay calm, not be consumed with fear.

Here is a news article from google if you are interested.




WTF? Who even thinks about doing that nevermind actually doing it? Plus strawberries are delicious, why would you want to destroy that industry? My head hurts.

I know - it is a horrifying. Who would have ever thought?

The farmers are hardly breaking even because of the glut, many may just go to the wall

Gosh that would be so sad and unfair! I hope that it does not get to that.

oh my gosh angiemitchell and I thought we had all the nutcases over here! thanks for making me feel better about that. yeah it's no problem you just slice them up. Eat some for me!

I know janton, I am having a hard time with this one. I'll eat lots for you as long as I can find them in the shops.

howdy this fine Sunday angiemitchell! well what is this going to do for the farmers in the area?

I've told my strawberry guzzler to dice the strawberries and check instead of just scarfing punnets in their entirety like he usually does. I think we've got "safe" strawberries so far though :S

Got a very low opinion of the mind numbingly stupid idiot who somehow managed to think this would be a good idea.

Agree, love you strawberry guzzler.

Yes , I live in Australia 🌏 🦘 and your post is great 👍