Since I'm Popping in Again...

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Hello all my few steemit friends (who've remained or returned here) how the hell are you today?

I've really not much of interest to say or report on- unless perhaps I give some thought to it- but, I'm tired of thinking for today, because I'm all thinked out from thinking about stuff earlier, that I shouldn't have been thinking about. Or... maybe I should have been thinking about, but I think, I think too much sometimes, when I think about it.

Does that make any sense? I don't know... I'll think about it later... maybe...?!?!?!?



Now that I'm thinking about it, why the hell haven't many people returned to Steemit who skipped out about a year ago because of the turmoil which ensued after the sale of Steem Inc. by the owner Ned... who I was TOLD... "Is not the owner..." by some original members of Steemit.

He may not have been the owner of the Blockchain, but he certainly owned Steemit... Sort of puts a monkey wrench in that "Decentralized" spoke of the wheel- I must say...

What's so wrong with still posting and interacting here, as well as Hive? Are we supposed to be in competition with each other? If you think so... WHY...?!?!?!? Are all you folk who were ganged up on here, before the split, not without the same nefarious enemies you had here- there?

Not from what I see... The same gangs are still ganging up on the same people over there, as they did here. Did they just suddenly embrace you and add you to their 'favored' list because you followed the crowd over there, completely abandoning steemit? I DON'T THINK SO...

But, like I said earlier in this post, "I'm tired of thinking" so, I bid you all adieu' for now; I'll see ya when I see ya again.

Have a happy and healthy day.


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on - April 3, 2021

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Whatever will be, will be. Humans will be humans.

Don't think too much. Be careful not to overheat your brain. :-)

For many years, in my younger days I would get comments from people such as, "You think too much" or "Why do you always seem to be thinking about something?" or "Don't think too much, it'll drive you crazy..." etc.

When I finally went crazy... I was set free from imprisoning thought processes :>)

Actually, thinking is good. It's the worrying that kills, that drives one crazy. :-)

Nowadays, people don't think enough. A lot of people don't think at all, or don't know how to think. :-)

Nice work! You just got yourself a $7.80 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

Thank you once again @acom for your encouragement :>)

The real question is... Who owned the keys. Answer Ned.

1st. For years the stake was not secured by those who claimed to have partial ownership.

2nd: They colluded to make a decision to do a softfork without community input.

3rd: There were tons of rumors about Justin Sun buying the stake, I wrote about it 3 times before it happened.

4th: They do not get to make decisions on my investment activities.

I'm glad to still be here and I love the Hive community as well as my friends here.

No one is going to tell me what I can do.

Thanks for your input @whatsup... I've always respected your opinions and insight here on the Chain. Your Critique and suggestions seemed well founded then as they do now. Another reason I was happy to find and follow you in Cyber-Land... :>)

There are many things about Hive that I like too, that's why I visit both places now.

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