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RE: Building Bridges; How Do We Make Valuable Connections in Life?

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@chbartist community increase our communication habit and we know how much it is important for our success. Because when you remove your shyness then you will see your , what is actually you are ? And that is very important to forward any step of life. Our community learns us more , a cooperative help , care to each other and many more . And these skills basically create our future. We have to sit with them and try to gain lots of inspiration.


Hi @ankitjnv , I 'm wrote the same that a write in response to @royer94. This community will be big, strong and prosperous. I know exactly what I'm doing. Just what we need to do is increase the list and when the time comes right I will write directly what steps we take to grow more, but for the time being I am sharing lived experiences without the usual intention of being the owner of the truth but I know that if I I've walked a path on my journey and it was successful so something taught and shared here will serve someone to start certain attitudes and regardless of what they do I'm sure everyone's life here can be better. It's enough that you all believe in yourself because I already believe in all of you and I observe who has applied the teachings that I have written in my more than 200 posts and I'm sure that at some point their lives are already better. You will not be alone while I can be here!