Diary of a Full Time Mom; Week 3

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I was really exhausted on the third week of being a full time mom. My week started at reviewing my Son for his monthly exam. In addition to that I had to do household chores regularly. Somedays I had to rush to the grocery to buy things I need for the laundry. Since I don't have much money, I couldn't buy all the things I need at one stop. It was kinda inconvinient but whatelse can I do.


When we were over with studying for his exam, we had this time doing art moment. Yes, art, that's what we wanted to called it lol. Kid ask me to drew him in return he drew me too. He was the first to finished and I was laughing when he showed me his art. We used his Aunt's colored pencils to draw our masterpieces. Lol.


One night Dad asked us out for dinner. He maybe felt how exhausted I was that's why he gave me a reward. This is one of the sweetest way how my Dad shows his appreciation towards my hardworking and I need this from time to time. Thanks Dad, this is very well appreciated! I'd like to discuss this dinner on a separate post.


On weekends, I was very glad I was allowed to have an overnight to relax with my College friends. They've invited me for an overnight staycation somewhere in Tagaytay. I'd also want to discuss it further on a separate post. But for now I want to show you the view of Taal from a Pent House of one of the Condo-Hotels somewhere in Tagaytay. I really had a good time with them. I wish to have more.


Photos are all mine taken with my Huawei G7-L02 phone.


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