Netflix Series; 13 Reasons Why

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13 Reasons Why is a Novel that later on adapted by Netflix as series The first time I encounter this Netflix series was when were on a staycation in Tagaytay with my College friends. The first episode truly catches my interest and that's why I craved for more and I just found myself getting hooked to it. When I got back home from that overnight, I hurriedly look for it in the internet and I forgot that it is exclusice only in Netflix.

I told my sister about this series and it was a coincident that she bought that book just recently. Since I can't find sites to watch it other than Netflix, I read the Book first. I finished it in two days. But I couldn't stop thinking about the series. It made me crave more. So my sister helped me out and created my account in Netflix. We subscribed for a month that is free and that free subscription will end before 25th of October.


Screenshot from my Netflix account

After having my account, I didn't waste any minute and watched it again from the beginning. 13 reasons why is about a highschool girl who killed herself. Before she planned killing herself, she recorded tapes that answers the reasons why she took her own life. And she name names of people who were responsible for her death. She told what she has gone thru and her experiences with that certain person. The story is very realistic and they tackled issues of teenagers such as Bullying and the depressions that some people are going thru.


This series has 2 seasons consisting of 13 episodes and each episode runs for almost an hour. When you subscribe in Netflix I think it will ask you about the gadget you are going to use. We chose the mobile phone but luckily we have that so called Google Chrome gadget so we can cast my Netflix directly to our TV so everybody can watch it.

We finished watching it already and we hope that Netflix will realease season 3 because this series is so amazing. If you watch it, I bet you will love it. I also do hope that if thre's still season 3, we can still watch it. I am worrying since my subscription is only good for a month. Monthly fee is kinda hard for me to pay knowing that I don't have work right now. But I really really enjoy using this Netflix!


Photos are mine taken with my Huawei G7-L02 unless stated otherwise.


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