Preparation for My Son's Monthly Examination

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Every month, teachers assess their students learning by having a monthly examination. It is indeed a goodway for the childrens to refresh their minds about the topics they've been disccussed for the whole month so they won't forget it.

When I was on Preparatory I don't remember us having a spelling quizzes but my Kid does have it now at an early stage. That's why other than teaching him familiarization base on images, I asked him to memorized it's spelling. Since he is quite good in phonetics and have knowledge in syllables, it made a little easier for me to helped him out in spelling.


But kids are sometimes forgetful so I made a printed out guide of the words that his teachers is usually asking them to spell out. I posted it in the wall so whenever I asked him to spell this and in case he forget it, he can check it on the wall.


To warm his up and to get his full attention whenever we are reviewing for his test, I let him do it in his own way. He loves to do his own reviewer. I can also see where the kid is having a little trouble with. Just like the way he writes the letter "S". Actually it is not only letter S, he often writes p, d, b, 2, 3, 5 invertedly. He always misread b and d, for example the word is "bad", he'll read it as "bab" or "did" to "bib". And we are working this out.


For this case, since "S" was the first letter I encountered he writes invertedly, I asked him to write it repeatedly. At first try, even if I already wrote a guide, he still wrote some inverted "s". So we do it again till he perfect it. For the letter "b", in order for him to remember it, I had to make a story or an example. I told him that "b" looks like the belly of a pregnant woman, he find it funny but he remembered it.


Initially, I planned to make a computerized test paper for the kid but then I realized that it will eat up my time so I just drew it. I am not good in drawing but I gave my very best. Luckily, I discovered that I can trace the picture because the paper that I was using was so thin and can clearly see the image behind it. I did it in the evening when the kid fell asleep. I hand it to him in the morning for him to answer it.


Some images that I wanted to draw wasn't included on their quizzes so I had to draw it on my own and use my hidden talent in drawing. Lol. This was the only picture that catches the eye of the kid. He made fun of my drawing and even gave me a star. Silly Kid!

They already finished their exam and I don't know how his test went. I asked him if how was his test and he said its good. I'll see that once his test paper comes back.


Photos are taken with my Huawei G7-L02 phone.



my little kid is soooo intellegent.....he is only two years old,,,he learnt abc or counting aswell...colors name also:)

That's so nice to hear 😊 Kids nowadays are very fast learners and so intelligent. Good job to your two year old kid. He's so adorable!

yeap:)Big thank to God

Thank you my friend, @alphaaquarius 😊

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