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RE: Building Bridges; How Do We Make Valuable Connections in Life?

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The truth is not tree makes a forest which means that for us to grow strongly as a community, we need each other. Which is why I always appreciate the work of @crypto.piotr in making sure every one is carried along, just as he has exemplified by bringing this interesting article to many's attention(Thanks man) . I find the knowledge in this article valuable and a message to us all who fail to realise the impact of belonging to a community like we have here on steemit. @chbartist has done a great job of passing a very good message accross to those who are still in doubt. As for me I belong here and I am here to meet people who we can grow together. Y'all invited!!


Dear @apiprincz

I love how responsive you are buddy. This platform definetly need more people as supportive as you are.

ps. Thx for mentioning my name buddy. Have a great week ahead.