APPICS at the 'Online Marketing Rockstars' Convention in Germany!

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As you know, the APPICS Team has been touring the world and attending conferences and events in many different countries since last year.

Since we recently started posting german steemit posts and engaging more with our german-speaking community, we noticed that there is one event we haven't even posted about yet: the OMR!

The Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) Exhibition takes place every year in Hamburg, Germany.

The OMR Festival is a digital marketing convention with 300+ exhibitors, 300+ top speakers, 120 masterclasses and over 40 thousand visitors.

It's not only one of the biggest conventions in Germany, but one of the largest specialized in online- and digital marketing in Europe.

The event took place at the congress centre in Hamburg - which has a total of eleven exhibition halls covering 87,000 square meters as well as an outdoor area of 10,000 square meters.
The facility hosts the biggest trade shows, concerts and other events in Germany - it is the perfect place for a convention as big as the OMR!

Even Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker Gary Vaynerchuck was there!

The convention itself was spread over 4 huge floor areas.

Two floors were full of exhibitors - from small startups to big companies like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Google: every big name in online marketing and social media was represented here!

All the exhibition booths were decorated exclusively, trying to attract as many spectators as possible.

Trying VR at the "VR Tech in Marketing" Booth!

Apart from the exhibition floors, there were two large stages: Live seminars were given around development in the online marketing industry and practical insights into the world of tomorrow.

Seminars on Commerce & Digital Marketing and people-based marketing also took place.
There was also an expo stage with many speakers and entrepreneurs like Sophia Amoruso (Founder & CEO of Girlsboss), Brian O´Kelly (CEO & Co-Founder of App Nexus), and top influencers, such as Fitness star Kayla Itsines.

Whether you were looking for the latest technology, getting to know influencers, attending workshops to broaden your knowledge or even job hunting, there was something for everyone!

Team APPICS with one of the smartest & most popular robots currently being used: PEPPER!

The convention was held for 2 days - and we had an amazing time introducing everyone to the revolutionary concept of APPICS!

We networked with a lot of top companies in the online marketing business and got to know many great entrepreneurs.

In addition, we also had the chance to talk to a few influencer and, of course, many visitors who have approached us about our eye-catching T-shirts that had a giant APPICS logo imprinted on them.

Everyone was so excited about APPICS and was eager to download the app right away!

Interesting and successful conversations accompanied us over these two days.

Thank you to everyone who left positive feedback behind and made this experience such a great success!

With German Influencers and stars Lisa and Lena

Representing APPICS at the OMR: @selenanunu, @soldier and @lisadang

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬


its amazing i always comes here to watch @soldier.

🙌🏼 Thank you my dear

Most welcome to steemit @soldier
That's great comment..... best of luck dear

Hallo Appics team :-) Thank you for the amazing application you are building !

It's good that the project is seen on so many events! Keep it up ! Get the world to recognize Appics! :) Great Job

When will the application be ready to download and use for the early investors ?

What a great team. Well done

Wow. The awareness of appics is everywhere already. Really happy about this.

Fantastic to see Appics team well presented on all these international conferences. Go Appics!

Appics to the world!.....Yayyy!

It's not enough. Please make it better to best and good to great.
You should do and can do it.

A great team you guys got here

I'm getting excited! Can't wait for SMTs to be finished! I know your registration method will likely be different from steemits, but can you guys please please please make sure when I try to get my friends on board that the registration process is quick? Sounds silly but it makes a big difference for buy in from prosoective users! Keep up the good work!

I am having the feeling that early adopters of Appics will have the chance of their lifetime. This concept has the potential to become more popualr than Steemit itself in a goldrush for upvotes. Sharing the reward pool with fewer people is a massive advantage.

I have read that it will be possible to earn up to three different tokens per post with the new SMT system. Will it be possible to earn Steem and something else next to XAP tokens with each post on the official app?

Looks like fun at work.

I am so excited to using APPICS APP.

Wow great to see you guys promoting Appics in Germany. I guess you had a lot of fun!!!
@soldier why did you choose that name...I'm just curious you are really a powerhouse :-)

Well done guys!

When is appics going to release?

The full rollout is planned for late 2018 .
But this also depends on the development of the SMT (smart media token) protocol, which is managed by the STEEM Team.

You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up!

You are a Awesome team and I really believes in you the only thing the Year is rushing to the end and the clock is ticking and the nerves are on the edge but patience is the name of the game. Thankyou for sharring

Wow the OMR Festival sounds fantastic @appics ! Wish I could attend one of these festivals some day. with so many exhibitions it truely is Rock Star!Hahah love the robot PEPPER TOO! thanks for sharing , upped and resteemed!
Go Team Appics!

I have not got my Appics token for completing the contest of video sharing.

Wow so many stars in one place. Go Appics

One of the most solid brilliant teams in the blockchain space..

Were you the only cryptocurrency project present there?

amazing appis go ahead

Big stars join the appics work team. Congratulations

I already want to see the currency in an exchange to start buying. One of the big bets this year that will run in the chain of steem

You’re on the way to success... Nice to see you’re busy and helping each other... hard work does pay off 👏

"From Popstars to Rockstars, @Appics has so much more
Originality is key and you will see it at the core
The best worldly influencers from Russia and even Singapore
Rewarding every artist, there won't even be a singer poor..."


"From Popstars to Rockstars, @Appics has so much more
Originality is key and you will see it at the core
The best worldly influencers from Russia and even Singapore
Rewarding every artist, there won't even be a singer poor..."


appics gat pretty ladies ... all round

Well i smell good things on the way.

Great team 👍

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