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The last few months have been an exciting journey for the APPICS Team.

While we attended several crypto events earlier this year, we are now reunited with our US Team!
The app is continuously being developed and improved, and more and more investors are being added to join the Soft Launch Testers for iOS & Android.

We know everyone is excited and eagerly waiting for Updates - so here we go!

NEW Bounty Program DOMAIN ⚠️

Our BOUNTY PROGRAM is your opportunity to earn FREE XAP.
You can sign up to earn free XAP when spreading the word about APPICS online - whether that's on Social Media or with a Steemit Post.

The domain, which was previously, has now CHANGED!

The new domain is now

2018-08-10 19.11.28.jpg


Our Appics app is continuously being improved - and we are gradually adding more and more testers!

We have apps for both iOS and Android, and it's so exciting so see how our first users from around the globe are creating content and sharing it on APPICS!

If you are an early investor of our ICO, make sure to check your inbox - there might be an invitation Email from us coming soon!

Since the Smart Media Token protocol is still under development, our app is currently running on the steem blockchain - so for now, your APPICS posts will also show up on your steemit blog!
Once the SMT is ready the whole app will be re-structured and profiles will be reset - so feel free to post as much as you like and share your best content on the app to get rewarded while it's still a small circle!

For all our Early Birds:

Thanks for exploring and testing our APPICS App!

Please make sure to fill out our Feedback Form and report any possible bugs you might have experienced.

These reports are very valuable for us to improve the app, so please be as detailed as possible!
You can also contact our admins on telegram to be added to a private soft launch tester group.

In other news - look who just posted on the APPICS App!

It's the Superfood Hunter Darin Olien from SuperLifeLiving!

He travels around the world to discover new medicinal plants, and has become an exotic superfood specialist, supplement formulator and expert within the health community.

We had an amazing time meeting Darin and introducing him to APPICS, as well as talking about superfoods and learning from his knowledge and experience in the health sector.

We will share more about Darin and his incredible story in an upcoming post - stay tuned!

It's so amazing to see how the APPICS App is now being used from people around the globe.

Our vision has come to life - the idea of creating an app that will reward content creators has now truly become a reality.
And this is only the beginning!

We can't wait to see our user base grow and are looking forward to the full rollout!

We are gradually adding more and more of our ICO Investors to join and test the app.

If you're not an investor you can also register here for our wait list to become an early user for the appics app as well!

And don't forget to give us Feedback on the app development so we can continue to improve it!

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬


Omg!!! Im so so excited! Now im sad i missed the ICO

Yes, I sympathize with you. ICO ended:
Apr 28, 2018
All rating agencies predicted a great future for the project, exhibiting high ratings:

You're right. I've seen great prediction for it.


The App looks awesome for far! Glad to be a beta tester right now 🤩

Thank you! Appreciate the feedback

Great! Looking forward to be a beta tester :-)

Good to hear things are moving along.

Is there any way I can test the IOS app? I subscribed to the mailing list a year ago, just checking up on things now would like to try it out! @appics

nice, upvoted

The app is amazing, so in love with it especially the swiping up to vote😍😍...

Since the Smart Media Token protocol is still under development, our app is currently running on the steem blockchain - so for now, your APPICS posts will also show up on your steemit blog!

I noticed this too. Oh well, Appics to the moon🙌🙌

I will wait for the official release on iOS, I expect better UI and faster, seamless experience in posting of content.


@Appics has been listed in the new @steembluepages directory of useful things! Check out our listings if you have a moment. Hopefully @steembluepages can grow a following and drive further traffic your way. Keep up the great work! We're hodling our XAP in breathless anticipation ... :)

So excited for Darin!
APPICS to the moon!!!

YES 🙌🚀🌙

I just became and early bird and I want to say that the Appics app look is 😙😚

Thanks. I'll let you know of the bugs through the feedback

Awesome, thank you very much. Looking foward to your feedback!

Where can I drop a feedback?

Appics is awesome!

It's really an interesting app. I can't wait to join the testers...

So excited!! Finally got my invitation for the testnet, just waiting for it to be switched to the android version so I can finally try it out. And cheers for all the hard work y'all put into this project, XapOn!😎

Hi! The Android version is actually already live. Please join our telegram group for soft launch testers HERE and tell us your google play store email address so that we can send you an invitation!

Hello, i got my invitation to be an early tester too, i am very exchited but i am using android and not ios. I tried to join your channel in telegram but it says it cannot be found... can you help?)))
Thank you in advance)))

Wow, you are doing a great job guys, keep it up. So excited to test the app.

Thank you! We're so excited as well 🙌

You're welcome.

Amazing, you are doing great work. I Appreciate you on your work

Thank you very much, we appreciate it!

mehn this is cool to hear. i would love to try it out myself. Thanks @appics

That's Awesome!

A beautiful and really wonderful application will be organized with all certainty
Thank you for explaining the wonderful

Yeah, I am in! The beta looks amazing already. Your progress has been impressive and after some patience here we are. Now we only need to see SMTs to appear. ;)

How to download the app?

Shared on twitter promoting #Appics. Stephen

#Promo-Steem #steemtalent #JoinSteemit

APPICS Update | Join the Appics App for iOS & Android! #APPICS

The future of Social Media is right here. If you haven't yet heard what these guys are developing, I highly recommend checking them out. "Go Team Appics..!!" #steemtalent #JoinSteemit @Steemit


love the app so much! I am really excited for the launch!

Thank you! Yes we can't wait!

I registered my account last year, but I’ve changed my active Steemit account (this is the new one). How do I go about getting this one attached to my Appics Bounty program?

So I'm not an investor but I am still interested in the app and would love to test it and send feedback. I have over 150k social media followers and am very active on Instagram, I would love to compare the two apps and then obviously share my experience right here on the steem blockchain! I have signed up with my email list but haven't received anything yet, it would be really appreciated if someone could send me an email with a link to test the actual app for android :)

I participated in the ICO and am looking forward to beta-test the Android app!

All the very best to the whole team of Appics :)

Looking forward to it :)

Marvelous :D

Great news. More close to the beatiful platform

I am not a investor but waiting for my invitation

very useful apps thank you sir

From today it'll be my first priority to spread word about Appics and I'll try to make videos of it in my native language so people will understand it more efficiently.
Eagerly waiting for my turn to use @appics

👌 thank you very much.
It will be your turn soon!

Huhu, I‘m an investor already and I love to test the app. Where do I get a link. Added my email already!

The appics app is something I've been waiting for a long time, sure to be better than instragram! I would like to participate in betatester.

I'm excited for the app. Still waiting for my Android invitation though.

So nice to read this. You did good job.

Got a pip at the app, it looks nice

Great new Update! Do you have any plans for a public beta test phase?

everyone wait for APPICS APP.

Great Team. Y'all are superb in strength.

Mhen! This is very impressive.... I can't wait to start using Appics

I have invitation from Appics, unfortunately I only for IOS. Unfortunately I am Android user. I have asked about invitation for Android in Appics telegram community, but there's not a satisfied answers. I also as a small investor.
Could you tell me about invitation for Android user? Should I wait for next invitation?

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Great work on the soft launch of the app. Can't wait for the official launch.

Great work on the soft
Launch of the app. Can't wait for
The official launch.

                 - bitcoinkings

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Seems like you're the only bot here!!! Wish these bots can get discontinued. Really annoying!!!

Great news @appics - SMT scheduled for release of the TestNet in January 2019 -

I can’t wait!! :-)

I can't wait for my invite ik this is where the future holds i am gonna show everyone ik

I am coming on board with APPICS app, I think this will be a cool app to use plus a great friendly interface. Well done APPICS team.


Really love this app...Waiting for this

Very interesting and exciting post I am glad things are moving up for you guys... You do inspire us Steemians to believe in... dreams again

Thank you 🙌 our aim is to make the world a better place with APPICS!

"The new domain is now" should be changed. ""

Hello its Appics is indeed a great part of the block chain i made a post about APPICS and you would want to check it out

good project

Any way we can still get onto the beta testers list?

Nice I hope Appics comes very soon

i wanna be an early bird!!! Please give me an early bird e-mail!!!

Really, nice project for everyone.

I'm very excited for the Appics App. I think this app will be a huge hit with the social community

Awesome job

why cant i resteem

that'srely fantastic

@appics App... is coming soon. That’s good news to hear I too would really like to test it out. So I will be joining The waiting list 🤔 up...

Thanks! Yes we can't wait either - stay tuned, you'll be able to post on APPICS sooooooooon!

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Appics is transcendant!

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Keeping travelling around the world to get Appics everywhere it needs to be.

Nice project

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