APPICS Tokensale Has Ended | ICO & Tour RECAP (VIDEO)

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Our APPICS Tokensale is officially OVER!

Thank you to all our investors and supporters who saw our vision and believed in our mission.

After 30 days, our Inital Coin Offering has now come to an end - if you are still looking to invest in APPICS, you'll have to wait until XAP goes live on the exchanges!
Despite the bear market, we have raised over $4 million worth of cryptocurrency. Now, we are focusing on tweaking and perfecting the APPICS App - which has already soft-launched!

Watch the ICO Recap below on DTube!

APPICS COO - Uma @mrs.steemit

APPICS Tour - Video Overview

1) - Dubai

The APPICS Tour started in February with 2 events in Dubai. Dubai is such a forward-thinking and futuristic city that is very open to Blockchain Technology and its innovations.
At both events, the APPICS Team actually won the main prize for our presentation!
Make sure to check out this real-life demo of the APPICS App at Finovate to see a few of our app features in action!

Conference #1 : Finovate Middle East (Video Diary)
Conference #2 : World Blockchain & Token Summit (Video)


2) - San Francisco

After Dubai, the APPICS Team flew to San Francisco to attend the conference "Tokenfest", where a lot of other major crypto companies were present as well.
Blockchain companies (like Steemit), investors and cryptocurrency experts from all around the globe got together in San Francisco to connect and discuss the latest events in the crypto world.

We decided to have some fun at the exhibition and "dance" our way through Tokenfest - watch it below!

3) - Los Angeles

Since we were already in California, we decided to travel down to LA to establish our US Team.
Besides Paul Ring, President of US Business Operations, we also had Amanda Manares (Senior VP Business Operations U.S.) and Reyna Banks (Influencer Management U.S.) join the APPICS Team.
We're so excited to have these talented people on board!
Besides the US Team, we also had meetings with several different Influencers and introduced them to the concept of APPICS.
Watch some Celebrity shoutouts below:
Korean B-Boy World Champion HONG10 Shouts Out APPICS!
Influencer Shoutout by Antoine Troupe!
Singer / Songrwriter Oksana Grigorieva about APPICS!

Watch the Hiphop Legend REDMAN shoutout APPICS below:

4) - London

After spending a few busy weeks in the states, Team APPICS headed back to Europe to attend the Global Blockchain Expo in London, UK.
The conference was incredibly busy - this just goes to show how big the interest for Blockchain Technology in the UK is!
We were overwhelmed by all the interest in APPICS, and spent the entire conference chatting to so many people from all around the globe. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!
We even met some Steemians at the "promo Steem" Event in London a few days earlier - it was great to meet you all again in real life!

Watch the Video of Team APPICS dancing through the exhibition below:

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram: 💬

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬

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great work appics team.. good luck with everything and I keep the fingers crossed for the soft launch of the app..really you doing very great work.very well dear friend.. @appics

Can't wait for Appics launch!

Really amazing that you guys managed to pull off such an incredible ICO. Good work to the entire Appics team.

Great Job @appics :) Have seen you live at The London CryptoCurrency Show. Can't wait for this app. Hopefully I will be choosen one to test it before official launch :)

Amazing, thank you! Great to hear that you actually got to see the Team in person as well

Would love to see you guys in person! Any idea when the Appics team will be in sunny Cape Town, South Africa? Plenty of Blockchain enthusiast here!

I also recorded your presentations, have done video about investing in Appics as well. I have submitted it by your bounty program but it is still pending ;)

awesome. so stoked for this!! seriously can't wait, especially now that facebook has put its hand even further into instagram!!!! c'mon appics :) yes!!

😬😬 Thank you! Yes you're totally right! We can't wait either - so excited✌️

Appics will most definitely be bigger than Instagram in the coming months. Even the look of the app is more appealing.

:D yessss!!! just did a writeup of how and why to become an early tester in the face of further centralization in other social media apps.

When is the public launch going to happen?

Congrats on the sale. I recall you guys having ambassadors for certain topics, if so can I apply for gaming and geek stuff?

Great work APPICS team!!

You're welcome :-)

Very excited. Biting my nails in anticipation of the launch of the XAP token together with the app.

I wish you good luck with everything and I keep the fingers crossed for the soft launch of the app. Can't wait to test it on my mobile phone!

Thanks! Yes we can't wait until the app launches publicly and all Steemians will be able to use it!

It will be a great success, I'm sure !

Can you give us an estimate of when this will happen?

Thanks for letting me know @fruitdaddy
The Appics app is going to be awesome. If Steemit is so amazing then Appics will be amazing as well ;)

Good work APPICS dancing team!!! 💃

I really love this project! I think it will really doing great I think! Team great job! Congrats to all the holders! Let's build an awsome great community and stand strong in the future! I did some reviews on appics as well if want to check out the potential.... can't wait to test the app...

Incredible development of APPICS

Awesome,you have really done a great job.i mean creating a crypto must have been a great job , appreciated ....
Keep up @appics .....
And yes i really love the concept of SMT...

Steemit has really revolutionized the way bloggers are able to generate an income from their content. The SMT concept will revolutionize it even further and the first project to embrace it is none other than Appics. You guys are really doing great things :)

Congratulations on the milestone guys. I am really impressed with this ICO. Can't wait to start using the actual app together with the XAP token.

Amazing appics team. Good luck all of you. I really cant wait to use this app in my phone. Thank you so much.

Oh yeah, the APPICS is the best I've seen lately!

I second that statement. 2018 is going to be one of the most interesting years for Blockchain projects and Appics is currently leading the pack ;)

제 첫 ICO인데 정말 잘되었으면 좋겠네요 APPICS 팀 화이팅!! 힘내세요!! CHEER UP!!!

I made a very big offer for thirty days
I expect to achieve profits in a short time
Really very special article
You are a successful person

Price should reach levels above ICO within the first month of being listed on exchanges. Too much confidence in this project.

Oh yeah! Nice ...As i said earlier I'm still proud of you guys!!!!

You and me both @celestin25
These guys are on fire. I have high hopes for the XAP token and the Appics app ;)

the team is great, concept is great it's a new social media revolution honestly this is what we all were waiting for ,can't wait i just want it to launch today right now :) .. wish the appics team best of luck

i hodl appics for long way

Appics will be a great way to earn a residual income from the Blockchain. Definitely a long-term hold for me.

Amazing team work.. !!! Go Appics !!

I just can't wait to get started.

Of course I am not going to sell any Tokens I bought.

But I would love to see the Token value at a much higher rate I bought in ICO

Great work and I can't wait for this to hit Binance and the Beta version of the app!

You guys are doing great.

To greater height fam

I am stoked to be part of the Appics community. We just need to get more eyeballs on this project. This is by far one of the best ICO for 2018. Just a shame that not many people know about Appics.

did APPICS need 21 witnesses node ? who can be a witness node ?

Great work. Lets move to phase 2

Always nice to see you dancing! I wish much success for appics and its entire team! Greetings from Munich.

Looking forward to application. It looks very promising.

I love how you guys are marketing on existing social media and decentralized social media.

Marketing is key to the success of any project. We still need the popularity of other social media channels to market these incredible Blockchain based projects. Keep up the work work!

Hello @appics. This is super awesome. We can wait to have it here in Africa. Thanks for the innovation. I will simply call it great evolution. Thanks once again to all the team and crew.

Amazing post! I love it. Checkout my new post: and let me know if you like it :)

So can't wait for this to be out!
I want to be a tester!🤗🤗

Good job guys

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This is so inspiring and we are honored to be a part of it. When will the free XAP tokens credited to our wallets for completing the challenge?

Thanks for letting us know. I was wondering when this will happen seeing that the ICO has been completed successfully.

Future of next generation social media, eagerly waiting for launch of app, best regards for team Appics.

awesome work keep it up

So much success in just a short while, can't wait for the soft launch. Congrats team @appics

Great Job. Excited for Appics. I have signed up as a beta tester. Hope I got chosen #crossmyfingers

You will enjoy the beta version of the Appics app. Looks stunning and operates like a charm. Better than Instagram that's for sure :)

Hello @appics, could you please release a statement to your ICO investors to let them know when they will actually receive the APPICS tokens in their ETH wallets? Thank you.

Hello @appics, congrats on the successful ICO. When are you planning on distributing the bounty rewards?

When will XAP go live on the exchanges?

Good Luck with the ICO, hope to see it on big exchanges!

Amazing picture sir...... Great review ... nice background

It's a great honor to have participated in your ICO.. Looking forward to using the legendary application

Your great parson @appics Thanks for your nicly post

Keep up the great work, Appics team!

Credit: #APPICS
Congratulations to @APPICS on the announcement that their Token Sale is now officially over having raised over $4million.
Congratulations to Uma and the rest of team at #APPICS.
Thanks for listening.

Appics be making waves

Looking forward to application. It looks very promising.

great work appics team.. good luck with everything and I keep the fingers crossed for the soft launch of the app..really you doing very great work.very well dear friend.. @appics

Thank you! Yes you're totally right! We can't wait either - so excited✌️

Thank you very much 🙏 appreciate it!

Great work APPICS team!!

Can't wait for Appics launch!

Incredible development of APPICS

awesome. so stoked for this!! seriously can't wait, especially now that facebook has put its hand even further into instagram!!!!

Oh yeah, the APPICS is the best I've seen lately!

just ah perfect click!!

Great Job...

Can't wait for Appics launch!

Hahaha, thank you!

hahahahahahaha.. lol

like the review,keep it up

Congrats on the sale. I recall you guys having ambassadors for certain topics, if so can I apply for gaming and geek stuff?

You did a great job guys I'm looking forward to your final product.

Great Publicity

Hi, I have participated in the ICO and invested in XAP. I have a question that I hope you will answer:

will I have to register my XAP tokens before the @appics SMT is launch on the Steem blockchain, or can I keep them in my ERC20 wallet and the conversion will happen automatically?

I hope my question makes sense and I look forward to read your answer!

Like seriously!!!
Appics is launched and am yet to receive any tokens yet?
Please i need to know whats going on on Appics

appice ICO I regret missing the opportunity.

i hope that APPICS give us more opportunity...

The ICO was great and cool...

I am so glad I got some XAP in time to get a head-start when this whole game is going to start. :)

My best wishes to the project with more future in 2018.

Success in the steem network One of the most solid projects of SMT, I can not wait for them to complete the development of these.

The @appics token token sale is over... I know that this project is going to be a big success. Good luck to you and the team...

"The ICO's ended and it was such a success
The app will change the world and bring in much of the press
Here to make an impact and it sure will impress
This one's a game changer so let go of your stress..."


What an awesome journey for the Appics Team ! Wishing you all the best of luck in the years to come , I cant wait for your Awesome Appics App to launch , its going to be a huge success !! 💕💕💕💁