Team APPICS at The London Crypto Show 2018 🇬🇧

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As you might know, we traveled all over the world and attended different conferences to not only promote APPICS, but also to make and maintain important contacts.

We have travelled to Tokyo, Lisbon, Dubai, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The last stop of our tour we have not talked about yet is London!

London is well known for being one of the most futuristic and crypto friendliest cities in europe.

Whether you are looking to get to know other crypto-ethusiasts, buy cryptocurrency and invest, or have coins ready to spend - London is one of the top cities in the world to do exactly that.

In London, there are more than 90 businesses overall that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method in their stores.

Due to these countless Cryptocurrency businesses, plenty cryptocurrency events take place in London.

IMAGE 2018-07-06 22:53:38.jpg

We flew to London to attend the "London Cryptocurrency Show 2018" at Hammersmith in London West.

Actually, Uma @mrs.steemit and Esko @thehipsterguru had just landed from their long-haul flight from Los Angeles to London - and went directly from the airport to the event!

The location was huge and offered enough space for countless different cryptocurrency businesses to present themselves in their booths.
The event included Cryptocurrency workshops, free seminars, panel sessions and also ICO presentations.

The Promo-Steem team has also been here - the world's first decentralized promotion and voluntarist network.

Promo-Steem are media partners for the London Crypto show (built by @anarcotech; Contributors: @starkerz and @stephenkendal).

IMAGE 2018-07-06 23:24:54.jpg

We were personally invited to the event by Stephen Kendal @anarcotech to present Appics.

APPICS was actually announced as the hottest ICO of the year!

Uma (COO and Founder of APPICS) held a five-minute presentation explaining the concept and key core benefits of APPICS.

Afterwards, we spent some time at the STEEM promo booth where we chatted with many members of the steemit team, as well as steemians like @roelandp, @buttpacker (who actually took the snapshot of the cover image!), @nanzo-scoop, @exyle, and so many more!
Next, Uma @mrs.steemit interviewed food-blogger @allasyummyfood on how she discovered Steemit as well as her view on Appics. (Watch the Interview here!)

Our day at the „The London Cryptocurrency Show“ resulted in so many interesting conversations.

Team APPICS and well-known Steemian @exyle

We have networked with many Steemit bloggers, founders and investors from all around the globe.

We had a great time at the event and we want to thank everyone who left positive feedback behind.

The next event we will talk about in a week is the “Global Blockchain Expo 2018”. With thousands of guest, it is one of the biggest blockchain events globally.

Stay tuned!

IMAGE 2018-07-06 23:28:28.jpg

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬


Appics all over the sphere, globe
Whisperings of projects they are making, near earlobes
Passion is rewarded, never stolen or watered down
Witness the progression, succession, potential's all around...


🙌 🙌 🙌

It was great to have you there, and a pleasure to introduce Uma @mrs.steemit on the showcase stage. Thanks for flying in all the way. It was crazy because they literally landed, got to the event, and we got them on stage within about 5 minutes!!!

Thanks to everyone from @appics for getting to this event, it was a pleasure to have you there!

@starkerz and myself are going to be speaking at Decentralized 2018 later this year in Athens.

Thanks so much! We had an awesome time in London getting to know so many Steemians in person! 🙌

Wishing you best of luck + lots of fun for the conference in athens!

personally i think that appics team one of the best team this platform.because this team every work very perfect.really very good publicity dear.i am always waiting your post because its very talented..appics top one.. have a great day... very well dear friend.. @appics.

Thank you very much 🙌 we appreciate it and can't wait for the full rollout of the app!

thank you for your wonderfull thought comment and support my work.i know appics team best team this community.because this team every work very perfect and original.obviously helped doing every steemians own work doing properly.i am encouraging to see your sms.i am waiting your next post.its very essential for me.because when i read your post i am learning alots of new thing to see your post.thank you very dear friend. @appics of luck of your great wishes for you..

my dear friend @cornhoilo you are really very big minded man this community.because anytime support my work and doing help my every steemit work.i am really happy to got your of luck of your great thought work.i know you giving support anytime my work.personally i think that,you are my good friend one of,i want you stayed anytime live long happily.very well done.take care yourself. may god bless dear friend @cornholio

Thank you for sharing with us your great activities ! I stay tuned for more ;-)

How many events like that have you visited now?

If only there was a megathread where something like this could be discussed?? Hmmmmm

@appics, could i suggest using @oracle-d's new community creation system to help build Appics' community on steem and beyond? :)

Wow @soldier you are every where.You are queen of steemit.

This is dinstagram.

Well done . Very nice pic. I am 100% with you. Thanks for share.

Wow this is amazing project you guys are looking great specially @soldier.

Well done guys!
I'm a all time fond of APPICS. That's why me and my partner create a community on Telegram, I would like to invite everyone to join this.


Hey @appics #Team much greetings to Hamburg
It's so amaizing what you doing awesome Inspiration

I am so happy to Publicity is running fast. I waiting for the launching app for everyone.

What a great movement by the team. Hoping to see you guys soon in Nigeria...

Please come to Nigeria... Great job appics

Hope @mrs.steemit and @thehipsterguru did not have jetlag cos of the stress from one place to the other without a stop over. Well done team.
Appics to the moon! 🌙

We are so happy Appics came to London.
There is no other place like London and no crypto expert or enthusiast can ever forget about Appics. We are all awaiting the launch of the app on a world scale and thank you for all the great updates on the professional Appics Team. You have our support forever

Incredible guys. Am waiting patiently in Nigeria

Go team @appics! Your hard work will truly pay off! upped and resteemed!💕👍✌

Great, we hope in Latin America, it would be interesting to consider promoting the currency through @originalworks

Resteemed it because it needs to reach more people so that they too know that The revolution has begun

@Appics will the best Social media runs on the blockchain.

There is much that is expected and I know that the application is going to be great ... I can already see that. I can not wait for the application

@appics and the world 🌍

Great Promotion job Appics Team...keep on spreading the word and you will be successful with your great engagement.

Appics all over the sphere, globe
Whisperings of projects they are making, near earlobes
Passion is rewarded, never stolen or watered down
Witness the progression, succession, potential's all around...

Un proyecto muy innovador!

Mehn this is excellent

Nice Team

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