Making your hopes & dreams work

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Why leave your ideas to float around out there and not use them! There are ways to make them come into fruition.


You have a vision:

What’s the good of having an idea, if you haven’t a strategy to put it into action! 

Here’s a simple strategy for future blogs:

I’m sure you have experienced many things in your life time that you could use. 

  • Take time out to write them out and document them and put into a folder, according to their topics. 
  • Then do some research on those topics and add them to the folder, under those topics. 
  • Wherever you go take a camera with you, you never know when your photos will come in useful! 

Here is another strategy for future business:

Gather facts and take note of the assets you have already, on the topic or project. If you have a few facts at your fingertips, you have something to begin with. 

Sometimes, all it needs is to re-arrange your facts, think up and add new concepts, and perhaps eliminate one or two, until you have a feasible strategy to work on. 

Now put it all together:

You now have personal experiences and ventures, stories, theories, facts and some assets.

  • But have you learnt anything new in the process of gathering your artillery?
  • What have you left out? Could it be just that little atom, of info or object that could transform and `explode’ the project into a prized entity? 

In my own experience, I didn’t have the capital. So what did I do? I took `baby-steps’. Starting from the base foundation, I made and did what I could. Little by little I achieved my goals, even under opposition. 

If one thing didn’t work, I tried another way. In some cases doing something completely different that helped to accumulate capital. But with all these individual experiences, I improved on my skills along the way and my chances of succeeding eventually. 

But the big issue is:

People buy into things with their feelings, senses and emotions. Most of the time things don’t work out because the human factor wasn’t in the mix. 

So you have to involve people’s emotions. If you involve the heart, you involve the `pocket’! Money flows when feelings and the heart is touched. 

If you have a dream, no one can see it… only you!

If you want to sell something, people have to see it and how it works, before it gets believed or sold. 

As they say: Putting your ducks-in-a-row, putting-your-eggs-in-the-basket, and putting a price on your pretty-Easter-eggs!  


We have to trust ourselves to fulfill our dreams. Otherwise we will not succeed

that is very true. we have to trust ourselves before we can learn to trust others

Be Blessed

i like your name. sounds so angelic

Hi, friend
I love to post you this one, Gives me a lot of motivation.
Hopefully you always post news like this, and give benefits to everyone.
May God always bless you and your family. 😍

Thank you. Love helping others. You have to go through difficult things in life yourself, to appreciate what other people go through.

amazing. this place is the greatest space on the web! nice to meet everyone

oh wow, such beautiful painting and wisdom.
thank u for sharing

Thanks for the post @artguru. You are right, it is good to make our hopes and dreams work. I woke up today putting some ideas on paper. So your post is a confirmation for me that it is time to take some actions . :)

that's right my friend, never stop creating. I followed in anticipation to see what works you will publish to us!
nice to meet you

Excellent post. If you manage to find a balance between the heart and the money, it is a tool of attraction to the people. Regards.

That is really exactly to a word he says people buying things with their feelings, feelings and emotions. Most of the time things don't work out because of a man is not in the mix.

i am sorry i don't understand what u meant by people buying things with their feelings. can u please emphasize that point further?

Life will be too difficult to think about, but it will be wonderful if we sincerely live it, our dreams and our future now are on each fingertip respectively, it's up to us to tap the button that matches our dreams.
I agree with your post, I have full upvote.

Yes, we need to tap into our resources, add a thing or two to the mix, to make things come about.

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sweet post.

It is a very good lesson and one of the hardest! A lot of people don't value themselves in a healthy way, where they feel that they are worthy of a life they want to lead. Very lovely writing on the topic. I enjoyed it. It is always a good reminder to place importance on the self. In a world that calls that selfish, yet doesn't guarantee your safety, learning to be able to be self reliant through inspiration, planning and follow through is a good esson indeed.

There are a lot of lessons I learnt in life... which I wish I have learnt sooner, before making all the mistakes! :D

A lot of people fear rejection or been laughed at. So they prefer to take their dreams to the graveyard than sharing it with the reality of the real world.

And sadly the world also loses out. We each have something special that will brighten the world and uplift others.

Yes I totally agree with you. I just think people listen to other people too much and with this will just put much doubt into their unbalanced mindset.

great work keep go on
upvote me and resteem thanks

i don't remember who in steemit put this Unknown phrase "The distance between your dreams and reality is called action."
but really good idea !!
thank you for sharing with us this great info ! @artguru

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