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Today, we have set-up an AMA with fellow Steemian StellaBelle. Be sure to follow @Stellabelle on SteemIt! Post questions below and she'll reply back under her account!

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My first question would be. How did you hear about SteemIt to begin with? Thanks!

My question should be;

  • What as your motivation to continue with steemit as a new bie.

  • Was it the cents being earned or passion for blogging.

  • And how do you handle low views and engagements on your post before you became a whale. Thanks

Who would you recommend to follow and why?

I understand this is a bit of an open question even more when there are so many things to consider. I am often in search of finding someone true, unique in their own way, that has passion for whatever they are interested in sharing.

I always find it interesting the reasons people choose to follow another person.

@stellabelle thanks for organising this.
My question tonight is : I've been trying to get your attention, but to no avail. How can I have you visit my blog? Even for once.

Do you have a special place where you go for inspiration to be creative? Secondly, what inspires you the most? Thank you.

Seriously, on steemit, I've only come across few steemian that are devoted to helping people, undisputedly you are one of them, I'll like to ask you why you like Helping the less privileged ones

How were u able to sail through the rough seas of steemit as a newbie till you became this successful In d program.

I have found out I spend a lot ofd time on steemit, majorly curating.
My question is, how do you think one can manage steemit in such a way that it doesnt affect some other crucial part of ones' life while still adding value to the steemit blockchain?

What projects did you make on Steemit and what other projects do you have in mind?

My question is: Pizza or crackers and cheese?

Not a question this time, just a:

Thank you for being you

(got to run, real nice day here, we have had so, few pictures to follow)

How long are u on steemit? And how did you make it to the top?

This is the time for me to open up to know who @stellabelle really is,
Actually , i am a minnow ,and i know less about growing more on steemit all because i am unfortune to meet someone that will serves as my mentor without looking at "Race" , from what i have read from peoples comments , i am wishing if i can have you as mentor to help me and make me grow on this community


Am yet to be replied to here ma'am
Am actually staying outside of my home this late night to ask this questions which i believe you will respond to shortly

Have you ever been flagged? If so, what was your reaction?

Good evening ma, I must confess that its a great privilege to get this great opportunity. My first question is this, what really convinced you then that Steemit is a place for you because I know you would have heard about so many platforms in the past without joining them. Secondly, if you can remember ma; how much did u make with your first post and how is it that you are not discourage with such payout (if its small)

i do not know if you can tell us how more people can get to see our posts at least we should even see our work is being read, any ideas? thanks for your answer in anticipation

Good evening ma .
Want to ask how you cope with the multiple messages from newbies here and life outside here.
You know newbies like myself can be frustrating and I'm sure we will be much messaging you.
How do you cope ma?

Hello Stella !
Q: Do you still use [email protected] ?

I wrote you shortly after joining steemit but didn't receive a reply.

@stellabelle, I commend this effort of pulling steemians together. Even before I joined steemit, I have always heard of your inspiring write ups on this platform which made me interested in joining this platform. From my background here in Nigeria, women are often times regarded as being second to men but I found it rather challenging that you as a woman, are pulling quite a lot of power on this platform. My question is how have you been able to pull this great multitude of intellectual with such powerful write-ups and how have you been able to manage your writings effectively?

1.What do I need to do to become a notable Steemian like you?

  1. How can i motivate those i invited to Steemit to stay on the platform?

What is the optimum number of lunch-time cocktails for submitting a post to the Blockchain?

My question is how can I get someone like you to visit my page. I need such encouragement to be a better steemian.

My question is what is that thing that fuels your passion to always wanting to create value?

"What is the most inspiring quote you say to yourself or other people on a regular basis?" :-)

@stellabelle thanks for this awesome initiative. I'd be very precise with my question.
My question is: I ask humbly ma'am, what will I do for my latest post to be seen by you?

Did you invest in the platform or it was just rewards?

Any thoughts on Cannabis ? xD

whalepowers are not born they are made or learnt via consistency

I wrote a post awhile back about drawing a crowd in a store while sharing steemit. You commented that you would like to do something like that but on more of a planned event. Have you been able to do this, and if so, how did it turn out?

Hello ma'am, thanks for being a great hand in ensuring scam free Steemit. This we all appreciate. Thanks.

My question :

I lead a team of very active Steemians with strong believe in Steemit. But we are mostly redfishes. We have tried all strategies to get whale visits once in a while to no avail.

Please there a clear cut strategy to attracting whales?



How do you find the good content you're interested in? The steemit page does not offer very good search functionality. Sometimes i search by tag or check bots memos with python scripts to discover interesting content. Thanks

my question. the most often at eating pizza or biscuits...???

Secondly , i will love to ask you some questions which goes thus ;

  • What are the challenges you faced while you are in a minnows level?
  • What are your focuses for joining steemit?
  • Do you have any opportunities doors you will render to newbies
  • lastly, what are your intentions towards black people on steemit


omg ;)

You've been to LA yet?
How is it going for you being so involved in the crypto space like Dash ;}?
Are you going to any events to talk about crypto at? ex: blockcon, steemfest...

Can you take a few seconds of my Eagle takes flight video, the part where he gets ready to fly poops off the side of the log and then takes off. Can you make a gif of just that part saying , so much for youtube?

My question is how can I get someone like you to visit my page. I need such encouragement to be a better steemian.

If you could hit one Steemian with a wet fish right now and order them to the corner donning a 'D' hat, who would this be, and why?

Thank for this opportunity. I appreciate your good work. I also appreciate a visit to my blog.

There was a time you visited my blog and you wanted to upvote but you said it wont allow. I said maybe it was not my lucky day but yiu said it was. I waited but you never came back. My question is why?
Maybe you are very busy. I understand and i still love yhu

All of your post has been extremely captivating, educative and highly inspiring, I will love to follow your legendary step. My questions is why is life unfair to some people ?

what would be your top three things you would want the steemit platform to do in the next year?

You will get flagged if you're not careful

Hello! Finally i will be getting a reply 😀

I see that you are active here because i have seen you do some intelligent finding on some'fake accounts'.

*So my question is how do you combine steemit with personal life?

  • How will you market steemit to non-member because this idea of making money blogging seems to be the wrong strategy.

  • What would you advise someone who has 'contents' but his works are not seen (many have asked me this too but as a newbie myself, i don't have answer).


You stated earlier that one of the major hitches on steemit at the moment is searching for particular contents. In your terms, in the context of quality content, what are the keywords in your search for such quality contents?

There are so many questions that could be ask, but asking to be your friend, to me is the most vital of all.
But where u come from, high class level don't wanna mix with low class level.
So asking you to be my friend is me asking a high class whale to mix with a low class minnow like myself.
But having you has a friend means the world to me.
Will you be my friend?

I am a newbie and i have not felt a vote from a whale. Can you make me feel it?

What was the greatest challenges that you faced as a newbie and how did you get motivated to get you going up to this time.

And one more question if I may: If you could ask @ned a question at Steemfest 2, what would it be?

@stellabelle, I just want to let you know that your posts literally take my breathe away.
I havent stopped thinking about that post you made on friendship. No kidding

Just a thought: Maybe there should be some kind of time limit for this AMA, so people know when to stop asking

Do you drink beer?

Writing songs, I know I've progressed, but I don't know exactly why I feel that way about my songs.

How do you set goals of creativity - how do you measure yourself against yourself?

Hi Stella belle, hope are well. I listened to you on radio and have been hooked ever sense. Great people like you are an inspiration to all. Right, ask your question already.

My question is the following: What do you expect out of a witness?

Fun question: What is your favorite type of food?

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I hope I can still ask my question.

I would like to know your take on how long steemit would last. And the reason behind your answer

Hey @stellabelle
I know that this is way too old post to respond to, but I still choose to put forward a question.

How can I avoid Distraction because of Steemit?
By this I mean to say that, am almost addicted to Steemit.
Often I tend to explore more & more about the Steem Community & it's contributors, but this somehow distracts me from my outside life & especially Studies & other Projects I am involved in.
I got to know about Steemit while I was randomly looking for some Philosophical & Psychological posts. It got me here. And you have rightly said that those who come here by themselves are "like moths drawn towards light.."
"Add me to your Fanlist."

PS: Please Share me a link to your BIO, so that I can Research more about your Life & work.
Thank You Ma'am !!

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