Feather mandala offering

in #life4 months ago

In the last days I had amazing healing dreams, filling me with such good feelings. The old stories are being rewritten, and we are receiving the new light codes.
In one of them, I was collecting so many beautiful and big feathers. Dreams with feathers are always very profound, and such a good sign.
In another dream I am standing with someone who in my past was my biggest tyrant. He gives me a big hug, and I am looking into the Sun, I am feeling filled with light, and I am saying these words:
“We are all made out of this cosmic light”!!
Another dream is maybe too long and complex to explain here, but it’s all about reclaiming the lost parts of ourselves, divine feminine with her dragons returning.
Being inspired by these experiences I felt I should create some magic and beauty with these parrot feathers that someone gave me, and creating a little offering in front of my main altar. I placed a crystal cluster in the middle. It reminds me of a heart, with the light rays expanding in all directions from the center point.
Then, let’s sprinkle some rainbow light on top, to activate this seed!
Right after I created this, I ended up having a very powerful experience that felt like an unfoldment and a reflection of one of my recent dreams. I am meditating, and when the Sun was about to set down below the mountains, I was looking straight into it, and translating the energies into the languages of light.
I saw in this moment even deeper a perfect divine orchestration of my journey, and I expanded my gratitude. My liberated heart took flight!