Life is a Sacrifice!!

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Since we cry for the first time, we start taking and giving sacrifices.Sacrifice is to give up something; we take birth and sacrifice our mothers warm and cosy womb. But this is a starting to a new life. Then starts our mother's sacrifices. She lives for us and sacrifices everythingelse. Our father earns more for us. We citizens work hard all the day for the nation. However, the situation we face is just sacrifices but no gain.
A child enjoys his initial years of life with great care given to him.Then starts struggle. A child sacrifices his time dreaming to be a great person as he grows, begins a new life. A person may give all of his property for a good deed and all of his wealth for an orphan. What does he gain? Just satisfaction no more.
Hence, sacrifice is a way we can live a better life.But now let's come to reality. We are interested in taking sacrifices than in oftening sacrifices. We all have at least once ignored a street child coming to beg for just a small piece of bread. Let us admit it that we always prefer gaining than giving.I wouldn't say that 7 billion people are wrong but obviously suggest sacrifice your luxury for a crying child, sacrifice your wealth for old mother of yours and sacrifice your anger for a happy life. Then let's see now badly we enjoy life. We must learn to lead but we also must learn to follow. So, sacrifice this attitude and then let see how our society can be an example.
Life is an adventure, let's just enjoy it. We come to this world empty handed and have to leave with nothing. We sacrifice wealth and gain fame, but take nothing. Therefore why don't we try giving pleasure?


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I wish fathers earned more for children but in more and more cases only mothers do and sacrifice and fathers are?

Both are equally contributed..but mothers have big role i think❤️

Good message to share; welcome aboard 🙏🏼

Thank you so much!! I am new here and i will be posting the good content daily☺️☺️

Thank you so much☺️

Didactic post

We live not because we deserve to but by the special grace of God Almighty

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