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RE: In desperate need of your opinion. Am I the loser my family believes I am?

in #life4 years ago

I understand your present situation, I once had a similar issue where my family wouldn't respect my decision and they all turned their back against me. What I did was called them all for meeting let them know where I made my decisions, begged them to give me a 2years break if I fail I will do whatever they want. I proofed them all wrong with a success story. If you feel your path is a right one and you're convinced have a seat them with your family, be polite and be on your nicest game. Point out your reasons make them believe your dreams and actions, I know this might not always turn positive. But let them know you regard them as a family and do not be rude regardless the outcome. Make your move and let your success story change their mind. Do all this if you're sure and convinced of your path. Apologise to your sis and make peace with everyone. Family will always be family


Even though it's family I am not prepared to eat shit all the time. Emotional support is worth more to me than financial support. Nobody should stay around people that drag you down. It's important to cut those people out of your life if you can't change their mind.

All am saying before making your final decision, try your best to win them over. If all methods don't work, move on. Will always be here if you need someone to talk to

Will do, thank you for your feedback I appreciate it! I will keep working on my goal and if my progress doesn't satisfy my parents I will move on without them.

You've made a good decision. Will keep you in my prayers, Holla anytime

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