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"Prayer is putting oneself in the hand of God,"
Mother teresa.

I see nothing of this world anymore other than a world whereby we already turn our back to God and we believe we are capable of fighting our burdens ourselves,which is not suppose to be.
Almighty God is our creator, our commander, we shouldn't turn our back against him like that. He his the only one that's worth seeking of help from whenever we are in problem.

I can still remember my early days in life, If not for God, I won't be in existence anymore. I had problems during those days, but through hard prayers and fasting, I had a break through of all.
Today am still in existence, all thanks to God.

I will narrate one of childhood story to you all, its a story whereby God saved me from sudden death, I will forever be Grateful to God, the story goes thus;

One very Morning in school, though am from south western part of Nigeria, But I schooled in the North, my Mum wasn't in support of it, but since other parents approved of their children to school there, Mum has no other choice but to approve it too.

The school is located in wukari, taraba state.
and that town is full of violence then, all the time muslims and christians are always fighting.
So one early morning we were in class when we started hearing gunshots every where, that was the scarest moment of my life, all I can see is that the indigenes came down to fetch their children away from school in few minutes time, the school is left we the boarding students, and there is gunshot everywhere.

The school principal locked everyone of us inside the school hostel, and told us to start praying to God for him to spare our life so that those people killing won't find their way into our hostel, the principal also seek safety elsewhere for himself and other staffs of the school,

The fight lasted for a whole week, throughout this week, we hardly put something in our mouth to eat, we keep on praying to God to spare our life, with prayers God kept us alive, those killing didnt realize we are hiding in the school hostel, if not, they would have come for us.

After a week, the soldiers had came to restore peace everywhere, but the killing is still on underground, whenever we go out to get something to eat, dead bodies everywhere, I in person is tired of all these, I keep on praying go God to please take out of this town as fast as possible.

Two days later I can see that God later accepted our prayers, One of the soldiers entered our school and heard how we are crying he approached us and hear us out, I can see how he sympatized with us in his eyes, he told us to get ready to leave anytime because he will surely come back.

The next day early morning, Soldiers entered our school told everyone of us to pack our load and get ready to leave, to cut the story short, we were escorted from the town. Ever since that day I had never dream of going back to that town.

This is how God does his things, he will never ignore those that are seeking help from him, he will never forsake anyone who is always prayerful.


Let us endeavor to be prayerful, because its only prayer that can do it. A life without prayer is just like a dead life.

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