Dear 2019, I have something to say.

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Dear 2019

Now that you're gone, maybe it's time I move on too. Move on with the lessons you taught me and welcome the life that awaits me; a life filled with battles that I'm yet to fight.

You were quite a challenge, I must admit.

From gathering the courage to talk about my vulnerabilities to getting my first job, I saw myself growing up; I saw myself taking my life in my own hands even after being told that I wouldn't be able to lift the weight.

But I did. I still am.

I'm not afraid, no, not anymore.

I know it's gonna get even harder from this point and I know 2020 is out to get me. I admit I'm not ready, but then again, I've never liked planning things out in the first place.

It feels so weird to have grown up. Feels like yesterday when I used to play with clay and get my hands all dirty. Now here I am, playing with words, trying to sell my sentences.

Funny, isn't it?

Anyway, I don't want to get nostalgic again. I've shed enough tears for tonight.

We'll never cross paths again 2019, I know, but what you taught me will stay with me forever. Thank you for turning me a bit into the man I want to be. Thank you for teaching me the value of honesty and finding the good in people.

I promise I'll take care and keep bettering myself.

You have my word.

With love,



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