The Dirty Tricks Employers Use To Exploit Employees and Freshers

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I've given my fair share of interviews in the past few months or so and one thing that I've noticed is how employers try to exploit and cheat their employees, especially freshers, to get them to work for way less salary than what they actually deserve.

Though I do have a job, I still keep giving interviews here and there so I can keep improving my negotiation skills. These are things that I've experienced myself and observed happen to other folks my age.

1. Contracts

Freshers are already pretty naive and have little to no knowledge about how companies can tangle them in their contracts and policies and make them commit to something that they are not ready for.

Imagine how much experience and exposure you'll get from this opportunity.

Well, sure, but imagine signing a 2-year contract only to realize that you are now obligated to work a job that you might not want to continue doing for the next 2 years or even 2 months.

As freshers, you should be experimenting with different career options, not committing to one. Even if the contractual job offers fair money, which it rarely does, reject the offer and find something that you can opt-out of.

2. Breaking your confidence

To be honest, what you write is a piece of shit. what my interviewer told me when seeing a glimpse of the work that I did for the company that I currently work at.

Says more about the interviewer than it does about my work, honestly.

Employers will try to make you feel unworthy, unskilled, and unqualified regardless of your actual skills and qualification, just so they can manipulate you into agreeing to work for them for lesser pay.

A confident candidate will simply refuse the offer if it doesn't meet his needs, but an insecure candidate is easy to exploit and fool. Be aware of this. If the interviewer is insulting you, it's likely the work environment isn't gonna be colors and rainbows either.

3. Verbal Promises

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
Verbal promises aren't promises in the corporate world. Period.

If your employer promises growth and training in the future but on the condition that your initial salary is less, then have him write that promise down or include it in the offer letter.

Companies usually resist training their employees because they fear that employees will find better jobs and leave the company, which is reasonable from their perspective.

But as a company, if you're not training your employees, the least you can do is to pay them fairly for the work they are currently doing.


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It's too bad people try to take advantage of each other and capitalize off of each other so much. That's sad what happens to some people who get stuck in corrupt contracts like that, dang... The world is often a very ruthless place. Hopefully things improve in the future.

I wish the same. Hope 2020 moves the world in the right direction. Oh and Happy New Year buddy!! :)

P.S. Thanks for the resteem :)