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RE: Family Vacation at the Vinpearl Resort on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam Part 2

in #life4 years ago

Vietnam is on my bucket list, would be nice to spend a few months in that country. I would really love to check out Hạ Long Bay, looks like a great place for landscape photos.


Yes, Hạ Long is great for pictures. I love it but I made a mistake flying to Hai Phong instead of Hanoi. It was cloudy on our trip around February. Don't know if you want to spend a few months in the heat but that would be an interesting experience 😄.

I live in Arizona and I spent a couple months in Thailand in the summer, so I know how brutal the heat can be. The humidity is what gets you in those tropical locations

If you like Thailand, maybe you'll like Vietnam too. My family got sick from the weather, not me. Beaches, seafood, spicy authetic Vietnamese food are all I need 😄. Foods are just fresh and we eat everything. Hahaha

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