A Struggle that is never tired [B&W]

in #life2 years ago (edited)

Parent's love for their children will never have a limit. They will be willing to do anything for the happiness of children. Whatever the obstacles and obstacles, parents will try with all their strength, so that their children are protected and get a better life.

Look at the struggle of a father who always works to get results so that we become adults. Photo by @azirgraff

Two of the most meritorious people in our lives, they have educated and raised us lovingly. Their struggles and sacrifices are enormous, so don't ever feel the slightest if we can match the struggle and sacrifice so far for them, because the more we feel the same, the clearer it will be if it is nothing.

A mother's love for her child is truly unlimited. Tirelessly caring for and encouraging children, even when facing life and death problems, a mother will always prioritize her child. The following is a portrait of a mother's struggle for her child. Photo by @azirgraff

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