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in #life3 years ago

Some people just want to achieve so much that they end up flying too close to the sun. Some do it for the betterment of their children or parents or just purely for themselves. Whatever the reason, these people need to understand that the ones they step on to get so high can easily just stop holding them up.

Standing on a house of cards, waving around, lashing out everywhere for a handhold. How can that possibly bring happiness to anyone? How can everyone not get hurt when it all comes crashing down? Why can't people just focus on doing what they can do best for everyone and not just themselves?

If you have a job, find a way to do it better. If you are good at your job, teach someone, lead someone to also do better. Look at the bigger picture and see that all your boss wants is to make this business work. Learn the ropes and maybe you can have a business too one day.

When you have the chance to step back, if you've done all that, then you can be proud and confident of what you have done. You can at least go home happy.

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