Likely the best Pizzagate video with tons of good facts in it out there. 60 Mins.

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Like me, you may have heard or seen a lot of these facts a bit one day, a bit the next but when you put it all together...... it just is very powerful.

If you have not seen this, I suggest you have a look and we can all make a difference together for the good.

Some of us honestly just really like pizza and it is a shame the food aspect has had to be connected to this.


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Ewwwwwwww! This makes Trump look bearable... Barely... Nah I was kidding but it definitely makes the Clinton's look bad! WTF I think it was the logos and the facebook research that look the worst. Nope that goes to the painting of a guy jerking off on a pingpong table in the basement of comit pizza. Just despicable.

You following this new information on a certain director and kids?

I try to scan and follow a wide range of things.

I had a person comment on my blog ONCE here, about my love of pizza and tried to connect me to this, as if I am involved and all I said was I just love pizza, my dreams to own a pizza store are a regular thing in my sign offs / end of my posts, I guarantee my consistency showing my pics and comments for the love of pizza have quietly cost me a lot of support here.

It bums me out, why these people could not have picked another food group to defile.

LOL I love pizza and making pizza too! But I never wanted to "get a pizza for an hour" ...

That's f'd up. Can't really put any other words to describe it.

I wouldn't have thought anything bad about pizza comments before this but now will always question them.

I do not really do junk foods but I tolorate pizza a lot. Interesting video.
Thanks for sharing.

I like pizza .Pizza is my favorite ia healthy for our health

Just so you know the "pizza" here is code for little girls that they're going to molest, rape torture and sometimes kill.

Nobody actually reads posts anymore or pays attn to the resources in posts........Sigh.

-- anyways, thanks for the ongoing support @pinkdaddy