Pay It Forward Post: Our friend @sflaherty here could use some help with his dad's health issues/bills. It is a real struggle.

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I've done a few posts like this to help people on Steemit, that is part of the beauty of this platform... helping those in need as Crypto gives us the tools to do this.

TLDR - The Quick Backstory:

I've gotten to know Steve the last few months with a lot of direct messages on some things.

I have honestly found this guy to be VERY sincere and fulsome in his messages, replies, no matter what we are discussing. That is the short version of me saying the guy is honest and truly is someone who can use this help.

His brutal honesty on some stuff and his detailed messages have proven to me this guy is the real deal. I have helped him sort of get started on here and he is blogging away and doing great things.

This is someone I have gotten to know over the months, not someone I just met last week and am not sure of. He is a guy with substance and a big heart.

I have his permission to use and share all this information you see today in this post. I value and respect privacy.

Further - he started Steemit Blogging Central to help the platform.

@steemitbc -- Here on Steemit

Steve's personal pages:

@sflaherty here on Steemit

Here is his original post but if you want the really short TLDR version, I have pasted the key things you need to know right below here:


That's his dad on the right - and on the left is Steve's uncle Mickey.

I am copying and pasting directly from Steve's post above, the key issues today to save time in the blog, since a lot of people are busy and can only scan content, and we all know this. Please definitely read the full post above if you want even more info about the family, some of their life history, etc.

1/2: Today's most current update right from Steve via DM:


...... we are in limbo with dad, he has a checkup to find out when they want to do surgery coming up in a couple weeks, so as of right now its a big wait and see on that situation and money is getting tight so unsure how they will manage the doctor bills


2/2 - TLDR snipped quotes from Steve's post:


The present issue going on:

To speed you up without a long day to day story about 70 years of my fathers life, we had a horrible bit of info come back from my fathers doctor at the local Veteran's hospital 2 years ago that my father carries with him 2 aortic aneurysms located near his stomach. The chances of the slightest jerk or movement could rupture this so he has been under the care of doctors at the local VA but still to this day the important surgery keeps being put off.

We have theories on this in my family, my dad is the silent type so he seriously does not feed us all the info out of pride but we suspect the reason in the last 2 years he has not been into surgery could be due to insurance and lack there of for men in the VA system so they keep putting him off. While this is going on my dad had to take a forced retirement so to make matters worse he is now stuck providing income via Social Security checks which is sinking them even more in debt than ever before....good old America looking out for the guys they put in harms way as usual.

Today I got a jist of the situation in passing that my father is risking his life due to finances. He is too proud to fully say it but today their fridge just went on the fritz and through stressful worries I found out how seriously in debt they are and this is creating a perfect storm of him putting his health issues off. I am personally as well in a rebuild issue in life and my sister just got through a serious divorce so we are all stressing out in the family trying to figure out what to do so my dad can unburden himself of this needless putting off of such an important surgery to save his life.

Doctors have told my mom that he is a literal walking time bomb, and this was over a year ago so how he is still moving around in the pain I catch him in is beyond me. Definitely a humble tough guy never wanting anyone to put themselves out for you him but I think its time I try to take a little charge in the family on this and seek help.

I am going to try to put aside funds I earn from this here to help them, kind of surprise them with a sum as fast as I can to hopefully get him to afford the simplistic and most important thing a human deserves and that is a healthy life after so many years of service to his family and to his country. But I am not with a lot, this is part of the reason those with my Steemit Blogger Central project see me so determined to work 16 hour days, just so I can get ahead to help others and also to help my family out.

I hate to beg or ask for help but if you could maybe pass this around so we can use this post to at the very minimum raise enough to help my parents get a fridge would be sweet, can't expect the community to pay for everything but a boost towards them to not stress as we sort this issues with his needed surgery could go a long way. Stress is bad for aneurysms and right now that is worrying me and my mom here.

Thoughs that know me know this post was not easy for me to write up but I am feeling very up against the wall on this one, this man has put up with a lot of my shit as a wild kid, has always been there for me through anything I done in life and I really want to give him some quality to his life as swiftly as I can. The man is my hero, always has been even if he doesn't see that daily out of me, the suffering right now I see him deal with is just not fair.

This just further divides me from this US Government, you would think they would better take care of those under their Veteran's funded budgets but they don't. I been to that hospital with him numerous times and its a madhouse of inanities how many people sit there all day like they don't matter. I truly hope in crypto we form something better even in health care because the way its being done, its not right!

If you can please upvote, I am going to take what comes at this to put on a card for my parents to catch up their bills so he can focus on his health and stop being stubborn about it. I thank all of you that take the time to read this and those that help, at the very least send a few prayers to our family, its been an ongoing rough time and we could use the break.

-- @sflaherty

You can as always, donate directly to him as well, but upvotes are free and given to us here to use on Steemit, and that is one of the beautiful things about our community here I have always found.

I know they have managed to replace the fridge, but all the other issues/bills are still on the table as you can see by the #1 TLDR update from today above, right from Steve to myself.

I will be donating at least half the liquid rewards from this post right to Steve's personal Steemit page account. The rewards pool has been sort of drained so I have been waiting to do this post and I know we all have bills to pay, believe me. I am having my own challenges as well as some people are aware of.

Thanks -- Barry

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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Thank you so much for this help @barrydutton

It has been an honor to have such amazing support from you to help guide me on how to do my best for Steemit and my family can't thank you enough for looking out for us like this. True friend, thank you so much

You are most welcome my friend. I have had help here, and in life and help where I can. That is the beauty of #Steemit and #Community.

thats so sad i cant imagine the constant torture he must be enduring :(
sorry i dont have the means to assist directly,
ive voted and resteemed

hope you find the help you need and your father sees a speedy recovery :)

We try to keep it positive, my dad is a fighter and we try to just keep him motivated to get through this moment. Its just taking on financial issues bad for them right now and sadly I am just now getting my head above debt so its hard to watch without having a lot of power to sway the issues to a better place for them. In the end I believe surgery will give him back his quality of life and will get through this but we are still in limbo waiting to know if and when, healthcare in the USA is horrible in these areas, not their to help but more to collect as much money as they can to help...sad

sounds like a very tough situation,if the health issues werent bad enough i always thought that veterans got pensions and healthcare,so ridiculous
good luck with the fundraising and send your father my well wishes

Now a days, they do get pension but guys like my dad who were drafted into the Vietnam war...they get nothing but the money compensated to them during their time there, that was literally chump change by what my dad tells me. Oh he gets a little healthcare through the VA hospital that covers checkups and prescriptions but the surgery side is half covered, if even that. They don't treat these guys that they forced into war to well here, least not the guys that got sent to Vietnam. Unless they signed up to be there its pretty much a fend for yourself situation. This is why all over the USA we have Vietnam Vets in wheelchairs homeless asking for help, very common sadly with those poor souls

it is a travesty that someone who puts there life at risk in defense of others to be neglected so when in need but im sure banks direly need that few extra trillion while people go without homes food and healthcare, such a joke

Well said. Force people to fight the wars which is big business, government and banks profit, the footsoldiers and vets and rest of the people pay the freight...

Thanks for the comments and support today on this!

Wow man, sorry to hear the news. Resteemed this!

Thanks for that help. Its been kind of a side ordeal I keep to myself to keep myself going with the project and our own situation at the house. Sadly though my parents are struggling bad financially due to this, my father had to take forced retirement, mom is out of work so its kind of been hard to watch being a little powerless myself to really dive in and help. My dad's health is touchy right now, surgery should get the stomach aneurysm in check but that healthcare system for Vets here is just dragging it on and I think all due to insurance. My dad kind of keeps us in the dark about that side but he is going for a check up by the end of the month and I believe they will set the date to take care of this from there. I try to balance a lot right now, try not to burden people with everything going on but Barry here has been a true buddy and I opened up to him a lot about this, amazes me how good natured he was to to help us like this. I appreciate your help with everything we are doing on SBC and helping on this to keep my family going, means the world to us buddy @robertdurst10

Thanks for the comments and support today on this!

BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 11 Jul 2017 - 17:26 UTC

#PayItForward #Crypto #Blog to help someone in need. #CryptoCurrency @steemit @certainassets $STEEM #Liberty

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank you for that added help by tweeting this out. Your an amazing friend Barry

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You definitely have my vote.

That is awesome and also......

Thanks for the comments and support today on this!

Upvoted, well it's automatic now :-) following steve and voted up his post also.

Thank you for that support and really glad to have you on the profile...I will follow back as soon as I get in there to do so. Means a lot to my family to have your support and help.

@geordieprepper is good people man, I knew him long before I harassed him lots to get him on here LOL

lol That is awesome, pushed the man to make him some money on Steemit lol. I had that happen to me a lot lol...then finally caved thanxfully lol.


Thanks for everything man. This was one of the things for weeks I have been waiting on and promised to do, it was a timing thing.

-- I was sure this post would actually do better than this, so many hours later esp. given what I have blogged on and seen rewards on lately, that is why I waited after the hard fork to get things balanced and up a bit.

Le sigh.

Good initiative Barry! You got my vote and i hope his dad will get well soon! I am glad to see that a lot of people are voting and helping his situation... nothing is more important then a person or heath in general!

Thank you for the help and support. Barry is good people for this, its hard to watch my parents get financially ruined by health issues, system is just not that great on healthcare anymore. Means a lot to them for this and for your support of what Barry is trying to do for our family.

I agree, Steve is a good guy and we can all help one another in life if we try, a lot of the time.

I don’t know much about the VA (other than they are a nightmare and everything wrong with this country) and I have not personally had to go thought a personal medial bill looking for these. But I know here in America insurance companies, and government programs NEVER EVER pay full price—so why should you.
If they have not already go thought the medial bills and question anything that looks odd.

Pay close attention to: pill amounts, item counts, how long something was in use, “consulting fees.”

  • They might have had to “open” a back of 5 pills but you only used one; while, they gave out the other 4 to others and charged everyone for the full 5 pills.
  • They might have miscounted something and hey you are now paying extra for this or that such as an splinter when you dint even use one.
  • They can easily write down the wrong times or leave something running when I should been turned off. Hey people make mistakes. But, they don’t want get in trouble for it so they just say “oh yes that was in use for 10 hours,” when, it should only be billed for 5 hours.
  • Consulting fees got be the biggest scam they can easily ask you something like “do you smoke,” and want $50 or more from just asking.

I couldn't agree with you more. That is a huge factor in my dad's issues right now. He has crappy insurance and a Veteran of the Vietnam war so he is doing the Veteran's Hospital thing and they literally barely seem to take care of this situation. Its been ongoing for a couple years and keep bumping him back for surgery, he tells us to assure us it is just due to not time for surgery but its clearly about money and he is too proud to admit it to anyone. I agree though, these health systems are not working and need serious work done on them. Maybe even blockchain style healthcare would be a step forward. Thank you for the support and wise words

Blockchain style of healthcare would be illegal because of things like HIPAA. It’s crazy the laws and regulations trying to “protect” someone’s information when it comes to healthcare. While I think it’s very important. When has the government ever gone above and beyond like this for our own “good.” I think it’s just a smoke screen so people can’t easily network and true competition between companies.

I agree, that HIPAA law is a factor. More or less I was thinking maybe tokens for health insurance where its still the same but people invest in their healthcare via blockchain investing. Its a long shot though, way the government is, I highly doubt they would easily give up control on systems they like to manipulate on citizens. In the end though its hard, I remember my grandmother, sweet gentle soul....worked her whole life but at the end she got lung cancer and literally lost everything through her battle to survive it. She lost her home, had to get a rent while she was in treatment and then the insurance dried up on here to continue the treatments. So virtually they robbed her of the little quality of life she had left just trying to battle the cancer, that is just immoral and wrong to do to people that spend their whole lives defending the system that does this to them in the end. I believe my dad will make it through this, its a bit unnerving how bad their finances are getting dragged down with this on him but I am also here trying to work hard and giving them what I can spare, just sometimes too much on a person and glad I told Barry a little more deeply about what is going on, he kind of made me realize its okay to ask for help but normally I am the type to try to never unless I just know its out of my league to handle like this one is. I really appreciate the help and support through this, and the wise words on healthcare, view this area the same way...needs to be changed

Thanks again for all the support here and in general my man @enjar

Just wish I could do more. But that’s why this community is more like a family we got bunch of people!

Get will soon.God bless him.

Thank you for the help and support. My parents are really trying to keep their head above the water on this situation and its a huge blessing to have guys like Barry and this great community pushing them back up. Really appreciate your support on this

My prayers are with him. Hope he will get soon :-)

Thank you so much for the support and main concern for my parents right now is to make sure they don't get financially ruined by this and get the right healthcare for my father. Its one of those treatable situations but seems they are dragging on the process to give him surgery and I suspect its all due to the financial state of things, which is sad. Thanks you for the help on this, makes the situation a little easier on my family right now

great idea!

For sure, thanks for commenting today and voting!!

Thanks for the comments and support today on this!

Upvoted,resteemit and upvoted each of @sflaherty comments here till my votes run dry and adding prayers for the help needed. No man who wrote a blank check for their lives deserves not having the care they need!

Well said!!!

Thanks for the comments and support today on this!

also followed him and did a few upvotes over there, hope it helps!

That all helps, that is nice of you WeeTree!!!

that's pretty interesting thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

hello guys

Thanks @barrydutton for pointing this out. I was not aware of this critical issue affecting one of my favorite steemians @sflaherty and his fiancé @cryptofrygirl family! !RESTEEMED

Chelsea, thanks for the kind words all round y-day on this, honestly.

No problem at all

The best of luck with all things
Upvoted and followed also resteemed..............billytwohearts

That is very nice of you, great help on this Billy, thanks!!!!

wish him safe recovery, and good health

Thanks a lot my friend AF!!!!

This is a great thing you are doing my friend may all prayer go out to @sflaherty and his family. Keep up the great efforts my friend.

Thank you @othmanel and @mrtip365 for the support on this and for helping my family out through our good friend Barry's push to get word out there about this situation.

No, problem my friend i am very compassionate about doing whatever i can to help as many as i can in anyway i can. Thank you for allowing us the chance to help.

Thanks for the kind words...

I have gotten to know @sflaherty over these short weeks over at SBC and I can honestly say he seems to be a genuinely great guy and I am so happy to have met him! :D Thanks for helping him!

He honestly is a good dude.

You are welcome!! Thanks for the nice comments here


I am so sorry to hear about @sflaherty Dad. Thank you for letting us know because we definitely want to help as much as we can. Thank you @barrydutton for doing this. Why can't our vets go to any hospital they want to and have the government pay for it? That is the way it should be. The vets should be #1...always! My prayers are with his Dad and I would like to thank his Dad for his service. Some thanks he gets for it. What a shame! I pray that he gets his surgery ASAP. @sflaherty has helped so many so now it is time to pay it forward everyone!

He is a good dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yes, fight in our ways and no, we will not look after you when you need it later in life.


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