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RE: Immortalising My Grandmother On The Blockchain - RIP Yvonne Kleinig 1933 - 2017

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wow krystle. This is an amazing account. Well done for doing that research! what a cool thing to do, and so awesome that you found that clipping in the end! Man, it sounds like her and your grandad lived an incredible life with some seriously whacky changes of life path along the way... I love it! A waterslide park? Thats such a cool decision....Its really lovely that you have immortalised her on the blockchain like this! You never know, perhaps someone else will have had a grandparent who was on that bus and when they search they will find this beautifully written account! Its just a brilliant offering to this ever expanding steem journal that we are all creating together. Lots of love to you and your wonderful tribe from England x x Basil