I want to but I can't... Inferiority of one's self.

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It is all about "what I want" and "if I actually want to get it".


Life is all about the choice we make, the path we follow, and the destination we wish for. This is a simple but hard piece of reality most people find difficult to embrace. Wanting somethting and knowing but can't get it.

Inferiority of one's self.

Doubting the extent we can go for what we want and like is a huge step to inferiority island, where all minds can achieve what they want because they are scared or worried they can't get it.

I will take you through a short story;
There is a beautiful young lady whose name will be kept anonymous, she is in love with a friend of mine that lives beside my Granny's house. He does'nt know she was into him but he could tell how much she likes regarding him.
I knew she like him cos she told me and begged me not to tell my friend. I asked her the reason behind that and all she could tell me is that she doesn't want him to see her as a cheap and she want to abide by the female-code of "it is an obligatory duty for the male to ask the female out".
I laughed over her reasons and I told her that isn't enough reason for you not to go for what you want. She refused to adhere to my advise of taking the bull by the horn. She kept on wallowing in her inferiority and refusing to surmon the courage to walk up to him.
Recently, that friend of mine got a girl for himself without the knowledge of his admirer. Earlier today, she came to me telling me to help her talk to him but I replied to her request by telling her that he has a girl already. She became devastated and sad. There was nothing I could do to help her. I had to just try to cheer her up.

What her story teaches us is that we shouldn't because one crazy code or fear, loose out on our target. This is applicable to everyone out there and even myself.

Thanks for reading. See you all soon.

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