12 Reasons to never give up

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We all passed there: fear of the unknown causes us to quit. Sometimes we quit right before we actually start working, and sometimes we quit before we succeed. The next time you feel that it is impossible for you to succeed, reiterate the following good reasons for which you should never give up.

  1. As long as you are alive, anything is possible
    As long as you live, you are healthy and have the freedom to do what you want, you can do whatever you propose.

  2. Be realistic
    If you quit too easily, it means you will not achieve anything significant in life. Whatever it truly deserves will require considerable effort. You have to work to get the desired satisfaction. Nothing will stretch you on the tray.

  3. You are stronger than you think
    Do not consider those who are trying to prevent you from achieving your goals. You hold control and you have the power.

  4. Prove that you can
    Do you want to be remembered as the weak one who gives up easily? Prove to the world and yourself that you are strong and that you CAN achieve whatever you propose. You can not fail unless you quit.

  5. If someone has done that before, it means that it is possible
    If someone else could, then you can. Even if there is one person in the world who has accomplished what you want to do, it means you have a good reason to continue.

  6. Believe in your dreams
    If you do not believe in your dreams, do not expect to be supported by others. Do not let anyone destroy your dreams.

  7. There are other people more unhappy than you
    No matter how unfortunate you are at the moment, think there are much less fortunate people in the world.

  8. You can change the world
    If you want to change the world for the better, any action, however insignificant, will make a difference.

  9. Whoever does not risk, does not win
    If you want to stay safe, stay in the comfort zone and never face your fears, then you will not. It will not be easy to overcome your limits and overcome your fears, but it will be worth it.

  10. You really deserve to be happy
    Do not allow anyone to tell you anything else. You deserve to be happy and successful. If you really believe this, you will reach your victorious destination.

  11. You can inspire others
    By not giving up even when the fight is hard, you will also inspire the other people around you.

  12. You are so close to success
    Most of the time, when we are willing to quit, we are so close to achieving the goal. Defeat your fears and move on. Do not forget how far you have come to this day and how much you've worked to get here.


Motivational post! Keep going

Thank you very much dear friend

I would like to add one: If someone has never done that before, it does not meant that it is impossible for you.
Steve Jobs once said: "The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."
And that's what we the steemit is about. Who could have envisaged of an idea like this.

You are perfectly right, thank you for your time

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