5 Warning Signs That You Are Surrounded By Negative People

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Says that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. If they are people who have a negative influence on us, our efforts become useless as they encounter their resistance on a daily basis. As a result, you need to choose who you want to spend more time with. And who are the ones you want to give up. We have further gathered a list of warning signs that you spend too much time with people who are a negative company for you:

  1. You have nothing to learn from them. People who help us evolve are people from whom we always have what they learn. You may have heard that it is not good to always be "the smartest of the room." As long as people around you are wiser than you, you are on the right track. Because you always have something to learn from them, day by day they challenge you to become better. People who have nothing to learn are those who can get from you without being reciprocal. Or simply flatter your ego. In both cases you are not in a winning situation. Gradually decreases their number and seeks to stay longer in the presence of those you have to learn.
  2. When you talk about your dreams, they discourage you from following them. Another type of people that is not good to have next to you are those who have no dreams and prefer to stay in the comfort zone of mediocrity (which is fine, after all, it is the choice of everyone). But they do not feel good when someone else is dreaming. It's something that makes them feel bad. Or uncomfortable. Or envious.
    Get them out of your social circle if you can. If not, do not talk about your dreams. Do not go into polemics with them, try not to prove that you are right. Simply see your business and move on!
  3. When you have problems, you can not find it. Some people have the unique ability that when you need help they can not be found. Or always be busy. If they were strangers, that would not matter much, but if the people in your close circle are always undetected when you need them, you will not have anyone to rely on. No matter how successful you are, it depends to a certain extent on the people around you, your social circle. There will be times when you need advice, encouragement, or just ... a shoulder to help you climb the couch up to the tenth floor. If someone never exists when you need it - at least with advice - you may want to think if it is worthwhile to benefit from your presence.
  4. When you are doing well, they immediately look for you and want to be close to you. Often it links to the precedent. They are not to be found when you have problems, but when you are well, when you are in the wave, they become good friends of yours. These people will suddenly enjoy going well, they will look for you, and they will answer you on the phone. And obviously they will want to ... participate in your new situation. Asking your help whenever they need it. In such cases, you need to learn to become a little selfish. Delimit your knowledge of friends, and when someone tries to manipulate you and take advantage of you, put your foot down. Ignoring it.
  5. They are surrounded by other people like them. We tend to become like most people we spend time with. I was telling the five people closest to the average. That also means that you will have the tendency to think like them, to win like them, to make the same mistakes, to have the same habits. When you change your entourage, you will change your habits. If you want to have a certain life, spend time with people who already have it. People who influence you negatively also get used to spending time with other people who are like them. As an elementary rule, if you see with what kind of people someone spends their time, you can deduce what kind of person is. And who will become you if you spend a lot of time with them? Select the people you want next to you.

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