About life in brief

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It's better not to have ideas at all than to have bad ideas. Better not to believe in anything than to believe in something wrong.

Life can be lived anywhere. The decor is of no importance, the intensity is essential.

Life is not explained, it lives ...

All people can overcome their condition and gain success if they are passionate and dedicated to their cause.

The soul does not know lifeless situations.

We are not allowed to be spectators of what is happening to us.

Do what you want, but before you put yourself among those who know what I want.

For optimists, life is not a problem, but a solution.

Give all the best in you, because everything in your life belongs to you alone.

There is a lot of incomprehensible things in the world, even for the most comprehensive mind.

In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.

Only if you are in the deepest valley you can see how magnificent the highest mountain is.

When a man has nothing to say, why does not he stop

Life is never so good, but not as bad as it sounds.

If you accept only the best, eventually that's what you get.

One time I was speechless: when a man asked, "Who are you?


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