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When you finish reading this article, you may be right, maybe you will appreciate me, or it may happen that you will be the first to throw the stone toward me. My problem will be not how many stones will be cast, but what I will do to build using them. So please, be free to agree or disagree with everything I write.
I will write a few things about the sentimental side, feelings, feelings, riddles, falling and lifting. Things Experienced and Lived To This Moment Of Life.

Take time for other things in your life

Everyone should learn that love can not last for 24 hours a day and love can be installed daily in you, you must have a resourced, nourished and healthy body. There are times when it may be hard for you, your appetite will be low, all you want is a bed where you can stay with your own suffering, but it is not a solution.
Accepts life as it is and does not play your own body. To show that you have respect for your loved ones, start by showing that you have respect for yourself.

Give freedom to love

Every relationship comes packed with moments of tension, anxiety, mistakes, things done to anger or anger. Do not feel betrayed when the other person rejects you, do not let the ego that has no intelligence control your thoughts and deeds. Let things be as they are, let people find themselves, and do not put pressure on either their own actions or the other. Leave the peace to settle, give yourself time to distract yourself.
Then there will be a period of silence, but which is not equal to the disappearance of love; on the contrary, you will find a new dimension of love, a wordless one and based on the vibration of two people.
In love she is not perfect, you are not perfect, the question that is put all the time is if you are or not perfect for each other.

You leave or let the world go

When two people are separated, no one loses anybody, because nobody possesses anyone. Love does not mean possessing something but always giving the other person the freedom to choose, choose to sit or go. The purest proof of love is giving it the freedom to choose.
Maybe it will be fulfilled in another context, you do not have the right to deny that chance. Perhaps you will be more confident in other circumstances, do not forbid that. Or maybe your love will be purer and more sincere after this episode is consumed. We have no way of knowing what will happen, all we can do is give the person next to us the freedom to choose what he does at the moment and with his own destiny.
No matter how much we hurt, giving freedom is a proof of love.

Maybe sometimes we have not been aware of this and we have toothed our teeth to oppose this freedom, but it comes a moment, sooner or later when we realize that respect for you is to have respect for the desires of those near US. If someone asks you to leave, give her the freedom.

Maturity, sincerity, trust

Maturity, sincerity, trust, these are, in my opinion, the ingredients necessary for happiness in a relationship, and the lack of one cancels the others. At the same time, the order in which it must be felt has a very determined role. You can not ask for trust from the beginning of the relationship if sincerity has not yet been established between you and you can not be honest to say everything you have on your soul until the relationship has reached a certain maturity. It's just like building our own body. Until we reach the level of the soul, we have to pass on to the feet, they know the way they are walking, they feel like they are known and it is really the way they want to go.
This is maturity. Then you reach the level of your heart and soul, when the relationship has already matured and you feel that any truth does not destroy what has already been built and will not divert people from the chosen road together.
That's sincerity. Then you get to the head and brain level when confidence builds up and you know that any gesture or action that the person next to you does is to tear the other two components. You give her the freedom to be herself. That's the trust.

Be more than a partner in a relationship

There are people just like I was for some time that did not conceive life without being in a relationship. Breaking apart and not being in the relationship you really want is not a country end. It's just one step in your evolution as a man, and as giving freedom is an act of love, your deeds before and after a relationship are proof of respect for you, for the other person and for this world. I realized that staying anchored in a relationship, looking for ways of the stupidest and wrong ways to get in touch with the other person is a lack of respect.
To show that you can keep your values ​​and that you are proud of what you have achieved so far in life is a proof of love.
Sometimes plans for a period are different than being just a partner in a relationship. Be still the person who offers a smile to those who need it, the one who inspires people to be better, the one who offers goodness and focus on honoring your life and making your parents proud.
Choose to be you, with good and evil, to count the act of creation, show that the mother's pain when she was born to you was not in vain. Focus on dreams and goals, both in a relationship and when you are alone.

Consciously live things

A lesson that I probably learned a little lately is to live consciously.
When we do not learn from previous experiences, we will sooner or later have to resume them until we learn the lesson.
When we do not appreciate what we receive, we will have to lose.
All that remains to do is to live consciously.
Let us accept that what is happening happens for a certain purpose.
Not long ago, I saw a movie, "Collateral Beauty," which I think is a great fit for this subject, to live consciously. The main themes in the film are love, death and time.
All of these are exposed in a depthful way through suffering, hope, truth, career, family, divorce, communication, cancer, life, struggle, profession, insanity, pain, trust, compassion, friendship, retrieval, rebirth. These are just a few terms by which we can consciously live the things that happen to us.
And no one believes me, but absolutely no one is an exception to living both the experiences of the darkest chasm of life and the love and happiness we all need so much.

To live consciously that love is there during happy or sad moments, but also when we choose to ignore it, and time is a privilege that we should not take as something guaranteed and waste it, because the time will come when we'll take a moment.

Live the moment, but live it according to your own beliefs

You are the only one responsible for how you behave before a relationship, during and after the relationship. We do not have the guarantee when we get a relationship, how long it will last or what will happen afterwards. And I'm not referring here only in terms of feelings.
A love can last for months, years or a life, we never have a certainty. And I repeat, this is not always connected with the intensity of feelings or love offered or received. To consider a relationship that started beautifully, went just as beautiful, but ended suddenly because of a disease or an accident. It's a tragic scenario, but we people resonate more strongly when we are in such situations that have a greater emotional impact on us.
If you were in such a situation how would you react? So it's just us that we wait for love, how we feel it when it's present, and how we react when we lose it for whatever reason.
To demonstrate that you can be in any of the 3 moments, that means to live your moment. Trust with confidence that love comes, feels and lives, but it may also disappear.
Sometimes to find yourself later and live even more intense or sometimes to give us a lesson.

Finally, I want to add that I believe in destiny, there must be a reason why things happen in a certain way, for the way we are and we feel. Must be…..


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