Man is born and dies in absolute loneliness, but this loneliness is populated by dreams, chimeras and illusions.

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I ran away from loneliness then I beat in your own soul like in a closed door.
We're afraid of loneliness. When we stay alone, we take a book, or write a book, or we whistle.
Why should we be afraid? Maybe from loneliness we start ourselves.

Good loneliness!
We meet again,
On these dark streets,
You broke my heart like an egg,
But you do not give me back
I will defeat you as a hero.

My dear solitude,
Congratulations, you did me good
I did not expect to go this far,
With your arms tied, me and you.

The soul hurts me !!
But I smile, without any remorse,
However, our struggle is infinite
I should have known you had no patience
And you'll steal my last ray of sunshine.

From now on, I have nothing to lose
I'm just starting to fight
You can lose everything
I can fight with fire
You only have what to take
You will die in the lion cage!

Smiling smiling, I show up on my face
I have the heart in an ice cube
Loneliness only you have no hope,
You lost the fight, the mustache,
Hello! I do not see you out of the fog.

I'm wandering through my thoughts
and kill me
everything that's nicer ...
Break the flowers
and I'm standing on them.
I throw them in the garbage,
one by one,
images with you.
I wipe my hands
what they have preserved
the traces of your touches,
and-fall asleep
so much unhappiness.

I do not dream,
do not love,
I am sick
of loneliness ...

Oh, sad loneliness!
spin beaten by the wind of fate,
on a plain without flowers ...
only with live crows of crows,
croaking in van of everything,
as if it were not theirs,
to lose his right wing,
over the years.