Hey bro congrats on the milestone.... The first two weeks are the hardest - no... I have quit now for about 4 months (this time) and don't miss it at all... Food tastes better, clothes don't stink, no more running off to have a smoke whenever I could (work)... I wish you luck to stay "Quit"...

Thank you and congrats to you too

Congratulations to that. You should stay away from the public transport a while until your smelling sense is normal again;-)

I quit myself 3 months ago and it looks good for me so far. After trying it about a dozen times, I think I'll make it this time. My new trick for the first weeks was: A lot of bedtime. Go one hour early to bed and get up one hour later if you can. That cut the time short when I was smoking before.

Unfortunately, I also gained 20kg within the same time. Strangely, I don't mind the extra weight right now, because I know it has a deeper sense but I will have to get rid of that eventually again. The ladies seem to be less attracted to belly fat than to cigarette smell...

I have been working out to keep myself busy and that has helped

Fuck what the ladies think.

Well done! It can only get better now I guess!

Congrats on two weeks dave, I knew you would handle it like a boss. I learned that I can smoke 1 package before I can get addicted. But I only did that after I already stopped for a year.

Since I stopped smoking I can sleep better, I got bigger in terms of muscle, I smell better and I have more money...

Which of course leads to more good things which in my case was a gym membership + new clothing every month + fast food once per week.

I have been going to the gym for a while and I have noticed I have a little more energy since I quit


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still no smoking?) congratulations!)

nice post keep it up