Dating at 40

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I turned 40 about a month ago and I have been divorced since I was 30. After my divorce and through pretty much all of my thirty’s I was focused on my career and while I had a few relationships they were mostly short lived. Maybe it’s because I live in Florida or maybe I just don’t know how to date anymore but dating at 40 kind of sucks. It seems every time I’m interested in a woman she blows me off.
For the last year or so I have been working on myself both physically and mentally and even financially. I am ready to start the next chapter in my book called life and would like a costar so to say. I’m in better shape than I have been in over a decade I am quite secure in my career and yet no luck dating.
I know steemit if full of smart sensitive people so I would like to ask the women on here especially the single ones what are women looking for these days? Maybe I can figure it out on my own but it never hurts to ask for help. So if you have an idea of what I’m talking about and have some suggestions I’m all ears please leave a comment below I would really appreciate it. As always thanks for reading and have a great day 13BAE4B9-BFFB-4DFD-9C40-EF8238D080B0.jpeg2802BD16-01F3-45F9-A088-D338E5017BE9.jpeg


I think you are doing the right things to attract girls and it will happen for you. There's no advice that will help because meeting the right girl is a matter of chance. Don't be disheartened by those who blow you off. Be glad you don't waste more time on them. Good luck. I hope you meet someone soon :)

Thank you for your kind words I know you are right but it is still frustrating

Rational woman.


Good for you. Looks like you're clearly on the right track. Here's my two cents...
Confidence with humilty, empathy skills, other-centered lifestyle, good communication skills, courteous manners, generosity, leadership, wisdom and perhaps spiritual intuition etc.... I could go on. This would likely be some of the things on my list, but remember that everyone's list is different. Don't get spooked by a tall order or by different lists.

Thank you so much for the comment I will keep all of your advice in mind sometimes I write a post just to vent a little which is what this one was but I really do appreciate the advice and as I said I will keep it in mind

Cool, no problem. I think I just responded to you on my other post by accident.

I think you should be patient and consistent with any lady that you are dating. Also find out why the other ladies blew you off. Let them know you are serious. sometimes women can't tell a serious guy from players. i think if you really like someone be patient so they can see you are serious. if they are not serious though thats a different issue. Sometimes women need to find themselves too and know what they want. overall don't worry too much about it i understand that things like this can be frustrating but trust me you do not need to worry cause what will that achieve? just keep working like you are doing towards what you want and you will attract the person for you.

Thank you for your comment I think you are right and I will continue but it can definitely be frustrating and I am serious I don’t like playing with people’s emotions but I am patient and will wait for the right person

Woman just need a man that will love her wholeheartedly. There are different kinds of woman same as you guys are all different that is why we are all unique. Who you need to ask is yourself. What type of girl you want.. Visualize her as if you already have her. And you will attract that woman in your mind. You will. I promised. But be the man your woman wish to have. Be you. You know what woman always want? Love and Food. Especially the food ok. We don't want to starve 😅 xxx

Lol thank you for your comment and advice but if you want food how come you can never decide where you want to eat thank you for the levity as well

We are woman you know. You need to understand that.. 😂

Social status

Work on these key areas of your life and you will have no problem finding someone.

I agree I have been working on all 3 and this post was me kind of venting but thank you for the feedback

So simple that people underrate it, take my upvote.

Most men make the mistake that they ask women for dating advice, which is a very bad move.

You may be right

Hi bigdave2250,
You seem like a really nice guy and this is a very brave and honest post. I am 52 and single. I think about this, too, and I am actually single by choice, because I self-protect. I think you will meet someone when you become involved in the community in some way. I live in the rainforest, and I connect with the trees and they make me feel part of nature, so being single doesn't bug me. I was married for 25 years. I don't enter relationships lightly. I don't/can't "use" people. Think and act outside of yourself and it will happen. Technology gives us connections so we are constantly interacting, but finding "the one" is, I feel, best done through a physical common space. Like, my son (26) recently met a girl from overseas while rockclimbing. He is making plans to join her in a couple of months when they will be holidaying together in Vietnam, testing whether or not they will have a longterm future together. I'm thinking about going whitewater rafting in November. Maybe I'll meet someone there? The person for me must have a 140 plus IQ, preferably tattooed on his forehead (kidding). You don't usually just bump into them at the cafe on a Saturday morning :) but you might meet them trekking through Nepal.

I am involved in the community but most of the things I do are with other guys I work construction I do MMA and go to the gym not much into the bar scene but at least I meet your standards my iq is 158 but no tattoo on my forehead

Thank you for your reply :) My standard I mention only because if someone isn't smart, then I'll get bored and they'll know I'm bored and be hurt :) Church functions are a great way to meet people, too :) I'm not into bar scenes, either. I wish you luck :)

It will come, Gods will bro..whats ur standrd?i have kids?

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I feel like maybe you have not found the right person yet and that is why nothing is sticking? When you are not looking that is when you will find what you were looking for. It is weird how that works but get rid of any side girls who are taking up your time and energy, keep focusing on you and do the things you love to do and someone who is aligned with your interests should show up. If you meet a girl doing what you love then it is likely you will both love the same things right?

Also try something new, get out of your comfort zone, do something you have never done before. This will make you more interesting and fun plus it might create new opportunities.

If all else fails get on tinder.