Day 4 no smoking

in #life4 years ago

So I quit smoking 4 days ago and I am starting to feel better already. I have been talking about quitting for a while and I have even tried a few times but I finally decided I’m done. So wish me luck. I have been working out and doing other things like eating healthy to try to get into better health so smoking just needed to go.


Get it big daddy....


It ain’t easy being big Dave.

I hope you are still abstaining. Stay strong and make yourself proud.

Good luck!! Sounds like you are ready to quit :)

Keep it up bro! And keep exercising, mainly to channel the random outbursts of emotion, if you're anything like me :) I had to replace my bedroom door last time I quit :/

What separates winners from losers is how they handle emotions.
Always remember that :-)

Oh..and I always thought it was the paleomammalian cortex ;-)

I stopped smoking 3 years ago. What has helped me were chewing gums and staying busy.

Avoid boredom at all costs and always have chewing gums ready! :)

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