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Last week my daughter went to her first homecoming dance. She is a freshman in high school. As a single father it can be challenging raising a daughter. I used to braid her hair for kindergarten but doing hair and makeup for a young woman is a horse of a different color. Fortunately I have some amazing friends. Kathy who is my buddy Doug’s wife and Jen who is my friend Philip’s wife helped me out by taking her to get her dress but I got to be involved because they didn’t have it in her size at the mall they went to so I picked it up at the mall by my job. Later that week Kathy took Lauren to get shoes and on the day of the dance Lauren went to her friend Mikayla’s house and they did each other’s hair and makeup. I am so grateful for the help of good friends and it makes me realize the old adage is true it does take a village to raise a child.
Me and Lauren after the dance
Lauren and Mikayla before the dance
Lauren and Mikayla after the dance
Lauren Mikayla and my buddy Doug’s son Dillon before the dance


What a lovely moment! Loved their dresses. Great choice! Time flies; important to remember and enjoy every moment with our children. Great post and pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Time does fly it was only yesterday I was doing her hair for her first day of kindergarten

Thank you she is my little girl

Good going, Dave!
Your post brought great geat smiles to my face ...can't wait to experience the privilege of being a father myself.

It is one of my greatest joys and a true privilege thank you so much for your comment

wow grate post ....i like this..
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Thank you

Beautiful daughter and good job helping her to become a woman! It is especially important for daughters to have strong dads that show them boundaries & enforce consequences. It is also important to show your daughters the importance of beauty as this is important to attract the right kind of guys who won't abuse but instead protect her!

You seem to have done a really good job with that, she is a beauty that nobody would love to abuse.

Strong & Independent & Masculine women are invitations for quick sex & quit as no guy like women who are unmannered, unloyal and dirty who swipe through Tinder like its independence day. Vulnerable woman are loved by men as this evokes our protective instinct and is highly attractive.

These happy ladies made me smile, congratulations again!

Thank you she makes me happy to I’m trying

You are doing well.

Awesome job dad!! Here smile is genuine so I can see you are doing a fantastic job!!

It must be nice to see your children all grown up. Makes u feel proud of yourself that you are able to raise a family. Nice post bro.

Still trying but thank you

I'm not a single father, but I'm totally lost when it comes to doing hair or nails or anything like that with my daughter. I have no idea what I will do when she becomes a teenager (she's 4 now)...Well done, and I agree with you that it absolutely does take a village to raise a child!

If she is 4 she won’t care if you know how to do her hair but to this day my daughter still talks about me doing her hair for her first day of school she even joked about me doing it for her first day of high school just remember to enjoy each moment you blink your eyes and she will be in high school

Im glad you were a great father to them. Fine women you have there, all grown up.

Thank you I don’t know about a great father but I try and the grow up fast

Of course you were, take the credit, and continue to improve, my name is Josediccus

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Thank you

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Great pictures Thanks for sharing :-)

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